The Secret Powers of Lingerie

For too long, lingerie was considered something women wore to please men. A fancy design exclusively for the boudoir, and in turn, the male gaze. This is simply not the case. Lingerie is about self-care, empowerment, and redefining sexuality on our own terms as women.  

What is lingerie? 

The word lingerie derives from the French word for ‘linen’ – linge - and consists of the items a woman wears under her clothes and includes sleepwear and light robes. From the stays and corsets of the 1700s to today’s delicately formed lace underwear sets, women’s undergarments have always held an alluring mystique. 

However, the outdated idea that women only wear lingerie to be seen by others has long since been dismissed. The power of lingerie lies in how it can make you feel; beautiful underwear helps women reclaim their sensuality, inspiring the confidence that comes from self-knowledge and owning your pleasure. Your lingerie is the most intimate layer of your clothing. A seductive lace 3-piece set worn under your everyday clothes is a secret only you know, worn only for yourself. 

What style of lingerie is right for you? 

Lingerie comes in all types of beautiful shapes and styles. Some are teasingly provocative, offering tantalising sneak peeks of the body through barely-there snippets of lace and strapping. Other styles offer more coverage, hinting masterfully at what lies beneath. Every person is different, and every body is different, which means finding the perfect style can come down to personal choice and comfort. The main thing to remember is that confidence comes from feeling amazing in your own skin, so focussing on what makes you feel comfortable is key. 

For more information on the wonderful world of lingerie, including the different styles available and how to find your perfect bra size, we have created A Guide to Buying Lingerie, which will answer all your more technical questions about styles and sizing. 

Can lingerie really boost confidence? 

Lingerie is so much more than underwear. What you wear directly affects how you feel about yourself, and the invisible power of beautiful lingerie helps you feel confident and sexy, which shows in how you carry yourself. Finding that perfect set and wearing it only for yourself is a way of genuinely embracing your sexuality and acknowledging your own pleasure and worth.  

If you have a job interview, an important meeting at work, or even an event you might not be looking forward to, slipping into a lingerie set that makes you hold your head up a little higher will give you the extra boost you need to convey your best self to the world. The luxurious sensation of the material brushing against your skin changes how you feel. The sensuous smoothness of silk or the teasing tickle of lace serves as a subtle reminder of the secret hidden under your clothes throughout the day. From the way you carry yourself to how you smile, having your beautiful little secret makes all the difference.  

Lingerie that empowers you 

With a wide range of different styles of luxurious lingerie available, sometimes it can be fun to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with something a little different. If you’re more familiar with a full coverage bra, you could be ready to take the plunge into more risqué style with the Seraphine Plunge Bra. An iconic Coco de Mer style that’s beautifully shaping and features a dropped cradle with luxurious silk bound finishing.  

If you’re already a lover of lace, take your look a little further with the Seraphine Open Knicker. Exquisitely sculpted to frame the derrière, an open knicker is a stunning choice for that special only-you-know secret as you go about your day. For a little more coverage with just as much sex appeal, try the Sylph Half Cup Bra. One of Coco de Mer’s most decadent silhouettes, the smooth silk panelling delicately caresses your curves and helps you hold your head a little higher. 

At Coco de Mer, we create exquisite lingerie designed to empower women while celebrating the female form and the power and beauty that comes with being a woman.