Our Story

The Home of Female Pleasure

Celebrating and championing female pleasure in all its forms is at the heart of everything we do.

Since 2001, Coco de Mer has been creating and curating a unique collection of luxury lingerie and erotica. Browse our seductive collections of luxury lingeriedesigner sex toysexquisite leather bondage and sexual wellness to delight your senses and awaken your desires. 

We are a proudly inclusive brand, welcoming all genders who care about female pleasure and its mutual appreciation. 

We believe that pleasure done well fires all the senses; that sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell are a system greater than the sum of their parts. From statement lingerie to exquisitely designed sex toys, we create products designed to explore the fun, ​​joy, and endless possibilities of women and their sexuality. 

You can find our captivating collections online, as well as sensual guides containing all you ever wanted to know about the art of seduction and the mastery of pleasureFor a more intimate shopping experience, book a personal shopping appointment at our London Atelier, where you will find a private space to discover the perfect pieces for you.

Coco de Mer exists to shine a light on the extraordinary power, potential and importance of female pleasure and sensuality.  

For 20 years, we have been committed to celebrating and championing pleasure for all, chipping away at the longstanding taboos around sexuality. We have always delivered disruptive and beautiful campaigns to start a conversation around female sexuality, because knowing and owning female pleasure and sensuality can be life-changing.

Pleasure isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. 

Pleasure is one of the true gifts of being a woman. Our capacity to experience it is innate, universal and human and it's never too late to start exploring its extraordinary possibilities. Coco de Mer is the Home of Pleasure - a safe place to discover its potential with a brand built by and run by women, for women. We want to elevate the female gaze, which is why we only use all-female teams on our shoots. 

Coco de Mer is for all women looking to celebrate themselves and their pleasure. To help realise the infinite delights pleasure can bring, we run our iconic Salons across London which are designed to heighten your sexual wellness and broaden your sensual repertoire.

About Lucy

Lucy Litwack, our Owner and CEO, is one of the most experienced executives in the global lingerie industry. At the forefront of developing Coco de Mer's pioneering pleasure offering, Lucy has built our new Home of Pleasure platform while dedicating her career to catalysing the conversation around pleasure and promoting female empowerment.

Underpinning Lucy’s goals for Coco de Mer is a deep belief in championing women’s causes. She currently works with multiple NGOs and activists in the fight against FGM, a cause very close to her heart. Coco de Mer's evolved positioning “to shine a light on the extraordinary power, potential and importance of female pleasure and sensuality” underpins an exciting and ambitious new chapter in the Coco de Mer story, at a time when the idea of a woman's right to pleasure is moving into the cultural mainstream. 


Being a brand with purpose is crucial, and our purpose is at the heart of everything we do. However, we are not a company to rest on any laurels.

We’ve joined the Real Changemakers of Positive Luxury. Because it’s time to go beyond baby steps. We believe the world’s challenges require leaps of transformation. That’s why we’re honoured to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury - tending to Mother Earth and female pleasure with equal care.

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