Throughout history, female pleasure has been censored, silenced.
Treated as shameful. Hidden.

In art, culture, education, and even pornography, the female gaze is dismissed, or ignored. It happens still.

But not at Coco de Mer.

Female pleasure is at the heart of everything we do and our collections are created with that in mind. We encourage you to join us and #RevealYourPleasure.


The Awakening, by Kate Chopin

Vilified in its time, The Awakening, one of the earliest novels to focus on women without condescension, is widely seen as a landmark work of early feminism. Exploring female pleasure from a female perspective, critics described it as ‘vulgar’, ‘sordid’, and ‘unhealthy’. Kate Chopin and her work were condemned to obscurity.

Just as the novel was removed from library shelves, our creations are still censored today. Female desire and the female body are heavily policed on social media platforms. Our voices muted. Our stories concealed. 

Female pleasure still unseen. Less visible than male pleasure.

Our intention, to provoke change.



Female pleasure and sexuality should be celebrated, not censored.

Embracing pleasure fires all the senses. Combining to create unparalleled sensuality and breathtaking experiences. 

With exquisitely designed toys and statement lingerie, we create beautiful items designed to help fully explore the fun, joy, and endless possibilities of women's sexuality and pleasure.

Welcome to The Home of Pleasure. 

Join us. 



Supporting the campaign to #EndFGM

As The Home of Pleasure, we celebrate and champion female sexual desire and sensuality, and we stand up to anything that challenges a woman’s innate right to pleasure. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an abhorrent way of controlling female sexuality. 

It denies pleasure. 

It is a means of control.

There are no health benefits.

It needs to END.

We will stand with the women and girls who have suffered this inhumane practice, and we will join those calling for change. #EndFGM

10% of all sales from the Reveal Your Pleasure Collection were donated to The Five Foundation, The Global Partnership to End FGM. Read Lucy's commitment to helping #EndFGM.