The Evolution Of Sex Toys

Sex toys have changed so much over the ages, as we have seen (thankfully) from the recent discovery of  a two thousand-year-old object found at Roman fort in Northumberland, which is now believed to be the first example of a dildo

We have technology, design and time to thank for a multitude of these improvements, but  part of this is that female pleasure is becoming a key part of the conversation. And women don’t always just want a huge penis-shaped toy. They often want a toy that stimulates the clitoris, arouses different body parts and, overall, feels incredible.

Generations of women have been brought up on what men want. Focusing on that aspect of sex has created an incredibly male-dominated world of pleasure and power, with so many women not even knowing what they enjoy. Self discovery is such an empowering pursuit, and the earlier that can be established, the better the sex and the better the confidence, in all the years to come. This patriarchal society is what I believe led most toys to be penis-shaped, until women started to be involved in the design and purchase of these toys - and the realisation came to light that during masturbation, 95% of women orgasm compared to 39% of women during heterosexual sex! 

Celebrating and championing female pleasure in all its forms is at the heart of everything we do. We want to empower women to prioritise pleasure and experience all the infinite delights it can bring. We believe that pleasure done well fires all the senses; that sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell are a system greater than the sum of their parts.

To mark our 20th Anniversary in 2021, we revealed The Pleasure Collection, a range of expertly engineered luxury toys, each designed to inspire sexual wellbeing, stimulate ultimate satisfaction and bring female pleasure to the forefront.

A luxury sex toy goes far beyond a price point. It’s all about experience and evoking an emotive connection, a sensory joy. Every aspect of the experience has to be considered. The colour and texture, the strength and performance, the details and finishing touches, the packaging, they all play key factors.

Well-designed packaging can be equally as enticing as a product, elevating the purchase journey and adding a sensuality to the overall experience. We are incredibly proud of the packaging for The Pleasure Collection. Each toy is presented in its own luxury vegan leather carry case in our sumptuous shade of chocolate, embossed with rose gold detailing and featuring an inner drawstring bag, with a Coco de Mer charging cable in matching chocolate brown.

Coco de Mer is a brand that explores the world of pleasure, encouraging people to be curious and try new things. To have fun getting to know what works for you and your body is such a wonderful part of self discovery and really diffuses so many pressures and preoccupations that have gradually built up around sexual preference.

Toys can help you embark on the extraordinary journey to experiencing pleasure. To explore it in all its glory is one of life's true delights. There is just you, your body and your mind to guide you.

If you are new to this world, why not begin with something simple like an external clitoral vibrator, such as Coco de Mer’s The Seed. This toy cradles the clitoris and is easy to use - for self-pleasure or with your partner. There are multiple speeds and vibration settings so you can find what’s right for you.

If you want a toy you can insert, you can choose an internal wand vibrator or a non vibrating dildo (both great for exploring your g spot) and you can try all these toys on your own before introducing them to a partner - or just keep them for yourself! Coco de Mer’s The G Spot and The Intimate Wand are both great, easy to use internal vibrators.

Dildos are no longer made from wood! They can be made from silicone or there are beautiful ones made from Glass or Ceramic where you can incorporate temperature play (using hot or cold water for different sensations).

Our bestselling toys are The Dual Vibrator and The Remote Egg.

Designed for maximum female pleasure, our customers love the dual functionality of our rabbit, with separate motors that vibrate independently for simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation to double your pleasure.

The Remote Egg has always been a popular product which can be used alone or with a partner controlling your pleasure. Ergonomically curved and fitted with a powerful vibration motor of its own, the remote can also be used as a clitoral or nipple stimulator - so you get two toys in one!

The term ‘When in Rome’ springs to mind… 

Explore The Pleasure Collection and revel in the wonders of evolution.