The 2022 Icons Campaign: The Team

Part of the power and strength of being a woman is that we can do so much and be so many different ways. Our bodies, our spirits, our minds and our strength all deserve celebrating, and we want to empower, entice and intrigue women to explore that female power in a way like never before.  As a group of women, those powers become palpable, tantalising, enticing – a sight to behold.

This year we wanted to bring the female gaze to a new level of iconic, as a result of the collective success within a team of this stature, with a sense of complete empowerment as the true pulse of the campaign.

Here, we introduce the team of inspiring women behind that vision.



“Working on the previous campaign and having been a loyal Coco de Mer customer for years, I experienced how intrinsic the ethos is to the brand of truly championing female sensuality and inclusivity. By incorporating a fusion of different women and their unique visions, I hope we encourage women to celebrate their feminine power, and the phenomenal feeling you experience when wearing Coco de Mer."



“Helena is such a perfect embodiment of the Coco de Mer woman and the way she captured that essence in the previous campaign was amazing, so there was only one way to go this year - include more women and show what we can create together! This team speaks volumes about the united belief in the importance of catalysing the conversation around female pleasure - an insatiable drive that remains at the core of Coco de Mer.”



“Being able to capture a perfect storm of the strength, the power and the allure of women, as a female photographer it has its own impact and being part of such an incredible team adds to the magic. With Helena as the face of the campaign, the tone is set so perfectly and I loved being behind that female gaze.  Having worked on a number of campaigns with Lucy and the Coco de Mer team, the genuine drive to celebrate the power of female pleasure is constant, and you can see it in every part of this campaign.

I first saw Coco de Mer at the store in Covent Garden in my early twenties and kept seeing the name popping up - It had incredibly sexy but classy lingerie, and I loved the luxurious, fabulous pieces. At the time it was such an aspirational brand and still is.”

The team was amazing. I loved reconnecting with Bay - we have worked together a number of times in the past so it was so lovely to be back with her. 

Working with Helena was a dream, she really is an icon and I love the supermodels of that era, and I love working with older models, I think it’s so important that older women are still shown in a sexy way and I think she embodies that. 

Lucy’s something of an icon too, given all she has done for the brand and female pleasure. To work with such wonderful people and beautiful products is always wonderful.

The highlight of the shoot:  

“The wet flannels!”

Playlist on set: 

Disco and 80s cheese”



“Being a part of such a strong team has been a complete delight. I’ve worked with a number of these women over the years, so I know how hard they have worked, how talented they are and how completely iconic they genuinely are in our industry. This icons campaign just shows the staying power and undeniable strength of women coming together to celebrate the joy of being a woman. Helena is the most beautiful model and has been captivating us for years, with good reason - combine her essence with the empowering energy of Coco de Mer and you have a perfect combination.

I first discovered Coco de Mer in Covent Garden years ago, buying a silk eye mask and camisole, probably near Christmas for a treat to myself.

To me, Coco de Mer means sexy, elegant, classy, luxury, with a bit of cheeky playfulness - allowing you to explore all the facets of your own personality.

I am so glad I was asked to be part of this campaign. It is always so empowering to be part of an iconic team like this, it allows you to develop and rise to new challenges as a person. I’ve known Helena, Sabrina and Samantha for many years, so to reunite was wonderful, and it was so lovely to meet wonderful women like Lucy, Claire and Bay.

To me, an icon is someone inspiring and timeless, worth holding on a higher level to help you know what great heights can be possible, and those that have been achieved.

How to get the look

It’s always underpinned by great skin, relying on regular and consistent skincare. Then you can throw drama and definition into the eyes or lips as we did for both looks on Helena, using black eyeliner, lashings of mascara and a strong red matted lip. But she looks strong and confident as her skin was not caked in heavy foundation, but left dewy and glowing. It is easily achieved by almost anyone, a true classic, iconic look that can be tailored to one’s level of confidence, so it’s empowering and not undermining it.

Must-have products? Sacred routine?

There are too many to mention! But my eponymous capsule collection speaks for itself. I like functional products that look good and are reasonably priced - great as gifts, or gifts for yourself - a bit like Coco de Mer. 

My sacred routine is always about proper cleansing, hydration and sun protection. It’s so much better to have some routine in place that you do consistently rather than just dipping in and out, hoping an expensive buy will compensate.

On female pleasure - what would you say to your younger self?

It will be fine - no stress! I was a bit of a late bloomer and being naturally really very thin, never thought of myself as sexy or super attractive. But working in my industry for over 35 years and being surrounded by ‘beautiful people’, I realise there are so many types of beauty, it comes in so many forms. Beauty to me is not defined by age, colour, size or sex; it is reflected by the spirit within. This then gives you the confidence that, in turn, can give you the tools to your female pleasure.


“This was a great team of women and I loved being part of it. Feeling good about what we wear and love should be at the heart of a woman’s wardrobe, whatever the style, and these pieces show that classic style (I love the classics!) will forever have an impact. Coco de Mer’s lingerie is timeless and such great quality, and I loved being involved in such a cracking campaign.

I loved the team involved. Helena and Clare I know and I’ve admired for a long time. And the brand makes beautiful underwear, so it really was a no brainer!

I think the word icon is much overused but felt so true for this - to me it means a person who is representative of something bigger than themselves; a person or place that conjures a time, a feeling, a mood. This collective of women definitely felt iconic.

Best part of the day? 

Being with all the women!

Favourite piece? 

I love the Athena Balcony Bra. Want! 


“Working on the Icons campaign with these women has been such a joy, and with the most beautiful canvas in Helena. The luxurious quality of Coco de Mer, combined with the brand’s tenacious energy towards empowering women, it’s a magical combination. Add the mix of Claire, Ruby, Bay and Sabrina, and it really is one of those campaigns that I take great pride in and I hope it encourages more women to celebrate themselves and relish in the joys of womanhood.”

The Look:

Helena has the most beautiful hair, so it was a brilliant starting point! Coco de Mer wanted me to do two hair looks that represented a strong, empowered, liberated, sexual, iconic woman. So I created a mixture of loose and slicked back hair that represents sexy natural and controlled strength and power. 

I love to use ORIBE products and use tres set mousse and dry texture spray to create sexy natural volume and texture and ORIBE impermeable anti humidity spray to slick Helena’s hair back . 

On pleasure  - what would you say to your younger self?

I would say to my younger self today… Take ease in your womanhood and sexuality - embrace the pleasures of life.



“Working on campaigns like this is the thing of dreams - what an empowered collective of strong women, all at the top of their game. Coco de Mer is a gamechanger in the world of lingerie, a leader in the world of inclusive pleasure, so visualising this with Helena is the perfect mix. 

Coco de Mer means to me luxurious, unique, feminine  pleasure. I actually discovered Coco de Mer via Instagram and was drawn in by the stunning lingerie and its rich and decadent colours. I ventured further and found a variety of magnificent goodies.

It means everything and more to be part of this team. I have been lucky enough to work with Claire Rothstein on many projects, landing the first cover of Claire’s publication ‘GirlsGirlsGirls’ a manicurist’s dream as Claire loves a long red nail. I have worked on an array of things in the past with Sam Hillerby working alongside Ellen Von Unwerth. Ruby Hammer inspired me when I once was a make-up artist learning all her skills from the BBC’s ‘10 Years Younger’ so I was thrilled to join forces with her again. It was a dream to work with one of the ultimate supermodels of the 90s Helena Christensen, my favourite! Having posters on my wall of Helena in my teens and then meeting and manicuring her nails was literally a dream come true.

The highlights of the day include the beautiful location on one of the hottest days of the year in London, the conversations behind the scenes and all the stunning lingerie modelled by the one and only Helena Christensen. Also the fact that it was an all female team.

On pleasure - what would you say to your younger self?

I would say to my younger self, it’s okay to explore and find pleasure on your own. To love every inch of you is liberating. 

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