Introducing The Muse by Coco de Mer Toy Collection

The journey of self exploration just became even more pleasurable.

We are so excited to introduce the new toy collection from Muse by Coco de Mer, created to open up the world of self discovery and sexual empowerment, fulfilling an array of desires.


The new styles include the Bullet, Pebble, Panty Vibe, Couple’s Flex and Pleasure Balls

These five expertly engineered toys have been developed using innovative technology to help you reach maximum pleasure, without compromising on style. Coated in a smooth silicone in the most indulgent caramel tone, these toys boast a range of features, each bringing incredible sensations and complete erogenous arousal.

“This is such an exciting new collection for us. We have seen the most incredible response to The Pleasure Collection, and we wanted to create a range that is still the impeccable quality our customers know of us, but also bringing in different explorers - Be it those curious to dip their toe into the world of toys and self exploration, or those wanting to try a variety of different toys at a more accessible price. We want to empower women to prioritise pleasure and focus on self-care, to take pleasure in natural curiosities. The Muse by Coco de Mer toy collection feels like such a perfect place to begin that adventure.” Lucy Litwack, Owner and CEO

Allow us to introduce you to the new collection…



This classic bullet shape has a cushioned, tapered tip for optimal body contact. With ten vibration settings, the Bullet is an indulgent little helper, made to explore the pleasure of precision and intense clitoral stimulation.







With ten vibration settings to explore, this beautifully ergonomic palm-sized treasure sits perfectly in your hand, providing maximum body contact for incredible clitoral stimulation, and overall erogenous arousal.






Panty Vibe

Wearable pleasure takes on a whole new meaning with the Panty Vibe. With ten vibration settings to explore, this sleek design fits inside your knicker of choice for a world of wonderfully discreet clitoral stimulation. Use the remote control for hands-free play, alone or with a partner for even more thrills.



Couple’s Flex

The Couple’s Flex is shaped to bend and curve for the most versatile range of pleasures. The slimline shaft offers G Spot arousal and can be positioned in place for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Explore ten vibration settings together and discover infinite ways to play.






Pleasure Balls

Free-roaming balls are encased in sumptuously soft body-safe silicone, to give a discreet but stimulating jiggle for your excitement and arousal. In a selection of two sensual shapes, both with slender removal pulls, worn regularly these will improve kegel tone, and create all kinds of delights during intimacy, with the rhythmic movement within the balls bringing increased anticipation and new realms of pleasure.



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