Dissipation: An ode to the intrinsic behaviour of nature and feminine pleasure.

We are delighted to share our new AW23 lingerie collection, ‘Dissipation,’ launched with our beloved brand ambassador Charli Howard. 

The new collection takes inspiration from the artist Maggie Foskett (1919-2014), whose microscopic details of insects create the possibility of looking at something completely differently due to the focus and framing of the structure – the concept of a new gaze, or a different view making something so entrancing - an enticing backdrop for a new collection and another reason why we focus purely on the female gaze in our campaigns.

The intricacy of the designs is an ode to the evolving structure of all natural beings creeping into new life; botanical growth, living creatures and mineral formations alike. Feathers and leaves flicker across skin, wings and petals weave over curves, holding delicacy and power in equilibrium. Strong jewel tones blend with fresh mineral hues providing an exotic elegance.

The campaign was photographed in a lavish country house on the outskirts of London by Vicky Lawton, who has been involved in a number of Coco de Mer’s campaigns over the years.

“This collection celebrates the echoes between the raw, free behaviour of the elements and the empowered woman; both exuding a natural excitement. The energy of this campaign reflects a sense of evolution for Coco de Mer - still celebrating the majesty of the female and the joy of female pleasure, but with a fresh, feminine confidence that Charli embodies so perfectly. The delicacy of the designs and the homage to the beauty of nature resonates with the intricate layers of the female character.” Lucy Litwack, CEO & Owner, Coco de Mer

“Working with Lucy and Coco de Mer gets more magical every time - the ethos of celebrating female pleasure and female empowerment is so intrinsic, which makes every campaign such a joy to work on. This was one of those shoots where everything just clicked - the location, the all-female team, the energy from start to finish was incredible. This new collection from Coco de Mer feels like heaven and is cut to perfection, with that breathtaking Coco de Mer quality in every piece.” Charli Howard

There are five designs within the new collection. The first to launch is Lunaria, followed by Odonata, Athena Silver, Astrantia and Hera Green - each with their own ornate identity, and evoking an unforgettable blend of female energy and nature’s majesty.

Elemental patterns and behaviours frame the power of the female and luminate her pleasures. Sumptuous silks, enticing embroideries and breathtaking lace - a collection to inspire the wearer to embrace both the beauty of nature and the most intimate elements of their own being.

We hope you love the collection as much as we do.

Indulge in Dissipation.