The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today by Betony Vernon


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“The primary goal of The Boudoir Bible is to dismantle the pleasure taboo, helping lovers recognise the pleasure-inhibiting myths, uproot misconceptions, reverse the negative consequences of social conditioning, and take full responsibility for their sexual satisfaction.” – Betony Vernon.

Discover a new generation of sexual awareness with Betony Vernon’s Boudoir Bible. Penned as an uninhibited guide to sex for the intelligent adventurer, each page is eloquently detailed with a balanced mix of holistic therapies, scientific discoveries and practical sex advice to help you to push beyond your erotic boundaries.

Opening with an intimate biography of the prolific jewellery designer and sexual educator herself, the text is filled with her personal experiences that add a three-dimensional texture to her teachings.

Having taught her first sexual salon at Coco de Mer’s Covent Garden shop, Betony has since become revered as a font of sexual and emotional knowledge. Discover her expert teachings in this beautiful hardback book and discover new pathways to pleasure that you never knew existed.


– Forward
– Plates
– Introduction

Part 1 – The Gardens of Earthly Delight

Ch1 – The Anatomy of Desire: A Comparative Approach
Ch2 – Coaxing the Sexual Vibration: Enhancing the Orgasm
Ch3 – The Genital Gym: Strengthening the Pubococcygeal Muscle
Ch4 – Riding the Orgasmic Wave: Male Ejaculation Control
Ch5 – Navigating the Sacred River: Female Emissions
Ch6 – The Anthems of Anal Sex: From Hygiene to Heavenly Pleasures

Part II – Paradise Found: The Sexual Ceremony

Ch7 – The Pleasure Priority: Timing the Ritual
Ch8 – Eros and Order: Erecting the Temple
Ch9 – Ascent to Paradise: Orchestrating the Senses
Ch10 – The Joy of Play: The Roles of the Provider and Receiver

Part III – Transcendental Techniques

Ch11 – Expanding the Sexual Arena: Implements of Ecstasy
Ch12 – Honour Each Other: Safety
Ch13 – The Touch of a Feather: Erotic Tickling
Ch14 – Pushing the Threshold: Clamps
Ch15 – Some Like it Hot: Temperature Play
Ch16 – Abandon Yourself: Erotic Restraints
Ch17 – X Marks the Sweet Spot: Erotic Flagellation
Ch18 – Back to Reality: Coming Down

Hardback. 311 pages.

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