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Je Joue Ami 3 Step Kegel System


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Strengthen and intensify orgasms in 3 delectable steps with Je Joue’s Ami, a progressive kegel exerciser kit designed to help women improve PC muscle strength.

With regular use, kegel exercisers can include a stronger pelvic floor and stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. Move from beginner to expert as you master muscular manipulation of the exercisers, building your way up to the weightier and more contoured models.

Start with the 47g weight exerciser, before progressing to the 78g and finally the 106g. The wide weight range allows for significant gains to your pelvic floor that you’ll really feel. Each of the exercisers is made from medical grade silicone and features a pull cord for easy removal. They are also waterproof, allowing you to submerse them for cleaning.

Presented in an attractive gift box, Ami by Je Joue makes the perfect gift for your lover. Use with plenty of water-based lubricant prior to insertion.

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