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GASP Erotica


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Editor's Notes

GASP is a curation of erotica, tantra and art to excite and invite exploration in connected sex.

Written by sensual beings with a love of words and a power to communicate, from an array of gender, sexual orientation and experience. Almost all are anonymous.

There is a huge longing for beautiful erotica that fevers us to think, feel, experiment and question. In our world, the dominant expression of sexuality is disconnected, anonymous and porn-ish. Because it is consistently what we see, read and hear about it has become the go-to in real life. Definitely one way to get an orgasm but not the only, or pleasurable, way.

GASP is an entirely different, inviting you to explore your turn-on and open your mind, heart and sex to more connected, adventurous spaces. Connected sex is a deepening; a brave, wild, powerful way to interact with another; for a night or for a lifetime… and in doing so you will watch yourself ignite, expand and heal.

All and all GASP is incredibly beautiful, lustily sensual, thought-provoking, feeling-inducing, knowledge-building and crazy fucking hot.

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