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Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon Sterling Silver Women’s Petting Ring


Betony Vernon's womens petting ring

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Editor's Notes

The jewel that best communicates the transcendental qualities of a perfect round of Paradise Found. It is a double ring that holds the index finger and thumb in the chi mudra position; the gesture used in meditation for a one-pointed mind and for a perfect hand job as well

This beautiful ring has received quite the celebrity following adorning Angelina Jolie’s hand on the cover of Esquire and Christina Aguilera’s on the cover of her Bionic album.

So lube up, concentrate and add a new dimension to male masturbation. Wear the ring by inserting it onto the index finger and thumb of the right hand.

The longer and larger flat surface of the ring will dress the outside area of the hand between these two fingers while the shorter zone should rest on the inside of the hand. The larger part goes on the back of the hand.

This is a standard model for right handed women, or men with smaller hands.

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