The pursuit of self exploration has never been more pleasurable... 

Our SS24 Atelier collection is inspired by the contemporary artist Flora Yukhnovich. Derived from references to femininity and sensuality by influential artists of the Italian Rococo Era, Yukhnovich reinterprets associations with ornamentation, beauty and power creating the most unforgettable pieces. 

The collection has been designed with variations of bright, warm hues and accents of gold to create an unforgettable palette of intriguing diversity and decadent celebration of the female form - intrinsically aligning tones and textures to resonate with the myriad of our senses and strengths. 

This season sees a heightened glamour and an added drama to the silhouettes with the same, inimitable elegance associated with Coco de Mer’s lingerie repertoire. 

Revel in the delights of Odyssey.

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