Inspired by the intrinsic beauty of all living beings and interconnection within nature, this collection explores the Amazon, the largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest in the world. La Amazonia embodies the drama, intensity and wonder of nature through colour, fabric and silhouette.

Mesmerising patterns inspired by bird and butterfly wings adorn feminine silhouettes, in vivid and tropical hues. Botanical motifs in exquisite lace and pools of silk that shift and shimmer emulate the stunning textures found in our rainforests. Harmonious with the transformative nature of the world, this collection is intended as a reminder that women have the freedom to shapeshift as they please. The guarantee of change and disruption is the very thing that defines life, and that can be harnessed, forcing you to grow, evolve and overcome. La Amazonia is an invitation to celebrate life and connect with the true essence of you.