A Woman's Guide To Sex Toys

Everyone’s sex life can be vastly improved with the right sex toy. Whether you are single, just casual or in a relationship, sex toys are incredibly beneficial to our physical and mental health. The right toy can help with physical issues such as cramps, poor sleep, erectile dysfunction and an inability to orgasm. Using them can make us feel more confident, happier and can improve our sexual relationship with ourselves and our partners. Pleasure is an important form of self-care, and our toys are designed to inspire sexual wellbeing, stimulate intimate satisfaction and bring pleasure to the forefront.

The Main Categories

External Toys

These toys are designed to be used on the clitoris or anywhere else externally on the body. An external vibrator such as a bullet is the perfect beginner sex toy, as you can control the intensity and go at your own pace while you explore.  

External toys often vibrate, but they can also create stimulation by using suction technology or sonic waves. They are perfect for teaming with other insertable toys or for use during partnered sex.

The right external sex toy depends entirely on you and your preferences. 

  • A simple clitoral vibe such as Pleasure No. 1 - The Seed would be perfect for buildable pleasure. 
  • For higher intensity, a wand vibrator offers more contact and more powerful vibrations. Pleasure No. 5 - The Wand is a great option. 
  • If you find vibrations numbing or too intense, you may want to opt for a toy that stimulates without a lot of clitoral contact, such as a suction or sonic toy. Our Pleasure Number 7 - The Stimulator is designed to form a suction around the clitoris, providing stimulation without vibrations.

    Internal Toys

    Internal toys are designed to be inserted into the vagina and are available as dildos, love eggs, kegel balls, and more. These toys can be both vibrating and non-vibrating, thrusting and non-thrusting, and are designed with different shapes and textures to stimulate different sensations.

    Which internal stimulator is best for you?

    A dildo is a tried and tested classic for a reason. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for something slim, curved and G-Spot stimulating such as the non-vibrating Black Silicone Dildo or the vibrating Pleasure No. 3 - The G Spot.

    Love eggs are another excellent option for internal pleasure. Love eggs are spherical or egg-shaped toys offering powerful internal vibrations, less focused on motion and more focused on a full feeling. They can be used to strengthen the vaginal walls through kegel exercises or inserted and controlled via remote control for buildable pleasure. Pleasure No. 4 - The Remote Egg is a great vibrating option, while the Muse Pleasure Balls are perfect for kegel exercises.

    Internal and External Combination

    This category of toy offers the best of both worlds. These toys are designed with an insertable length and external stimulation, which is a great option that only requires one hand to use. These toys are perfect for solo sex but can be incorporated into foreplay and anal play with a partner for overwhelming pleasure. 

    Most follow a silhouette of having a longer and larger insertable section and a smaller external stimulator. The clitoral vibrator sometimes features a rabbit ear shape intended to sit on either side of the clitoris, but these can also look like bullet and suction vibrators.

    Pleasure No 2 - The Dual Vibrator is an obvious choice that guarantees powerful internal and external vibrations. 

    If you want internal and external stimulation without a full feeling, the Muse Couple's Flex offers deep G-Spot vibrations and powerful clitoral vibrations without the girth of a dildo.

    Anal Toys

    As long as you go slow, use the correct toys and plenty of lube, anal play is totally safe and extremely pleasurable for men and women alike.

    The design of anal toys is very different to vaginal toys - most importantly, they always feature a flared base. You should never use a toy for anal play that doesn’t have a flared base, as there is a chance it could become stuck inside you.

    Anal toys are often made out of harder materials than vaginal toys such as metal & glass, and they sometimes feature exaggerated shapes and textures for added anal pleasure.

    A beginner to anal play should start with something small such as the Small Rosebud Butt Plug by Julian Snelling. You can graduate onto larger sizes of plugs, beads and dildos until you are an anal connoisseur.

    Butt Plugs

    Butt Plugs are short toys with a wide girth and a flared base designed to stimulate the nerves at the opening of the anus. The coolness of glass, metal or ceramic material adds to the sensory pleasure in the non-vibrating plugs, such as our Julian Snelling options. More intense sensations can be achieved with a vibrating plug, such as our Pleasure Number 9 - The Plug

    Anal Beads

    Anal beads are shaped like a long rod with increasing sized balls attached. These are perfect for getting comfortable with anal play, as you can start at the smallest size and insert deeper as you desire. Try the Satisfyer Set of Two Anal Beads.

    Anal Dildos

    Anal dildos feature a flared base and are often similar in shape to anal beads, so they can be easily inserted and offer various sensations. For graduating pleasure, the Coco de Mer Dual Textured Glass Dildo is a great multi-tasking option. For a more classic dildo shape, the Black Silicone Dildo would be perfect. A curved anal dildo will be ideal to use on a man, as it can reach their P-Spot for intense internal orgasms. These can be worn with a strap on harness for partnered play or without and be used as a regular dildo.

      Couples Toys

      Any toy can be enjoyed with a partner, but this broad category is for toys designed specifically for both of you to enjoy. These toys can take on many shapes and functions, often slim and discreet in profile so as not to get in the way of penetrative sex.

      Some couples toys are designed to stimulate one person while the other person controls the remote, such as the Pleasure No.4 - The Egg. This toy can be incorporated into long-term foreplay for all-day teasing or used by hand as a normal vibrator while your partner controls the sensation. The Pleasure No. 8 - The Ring is also a great option to be used before and during intercourse.

      Other couples toys are designed to be multi-stimulating so that they can be used on male and female bodies in various ways. The Couple's Flex is flexible enough to be used as a rabbit vibrator, a prostate massager and more.

      Introducing Toys to the Bedroom

      While it may seem daunting to have a conversation about sex toys with a partner, it needn’t be a big deal or a serious discussion. Sex toys are simply an enhancing addition to your sex life, just like beautiful lingerie or trying a new position. Framing the conversation positively and casually will avoid any potential for bruised egos. Using positive phrases such as “I’d love it if you —” or “It turns me on when you —” are confidence-building ways to tell your partner how you feel and what you want.

      Include your partner in the process by shopping for a toy together, discussing what you are both interested in and any fantasies you both may have. You can even visit the Coco de Mer boutique on a date before the date, where our knowledgeable and friendly team would be happy to assist and answer any questions. The act of browsing and picking a toy together can be a sexy foreplay element before you have even stepped foot in the bedroom.

      To Sum Up

      Times have changed, and sex toys are no longer something to feel apprehensive or ashamed about. Whatever your preferences, there is a toy (or several) out there with your name on it. If you want to get the look and feel of our curation of luxury toys, take a visit to our Covent Garden boutique, where our helpful team will happily help you find your new favourite possession.