Fun and flirty, Egretta allows you to playfully tease your lover with silk ties ready to be undone at a moment’s notice. A perfect combination of Jean bracq lace and slate blue silk chiffon with a metallic thread woven through, this versatile collection offers a forbidden glimpse before you allow it to fall to the floor.

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Inspired by the glimmering shine of a snake’s scales, Vipera is made using Jean Bracq lace trim and silver silk that wraps around the body, leaving your most erotic areas on display. Silver hardware reflects the metallic thread running through the lace, catching the eye to ensure you successfully ensnare your mesmerized prey.

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Ruffle some feathers in the delicate eroticism of Pandion. Inspired by the dramatic but delicate nature of a bird’s plumage, fine strapping and feather embroidery decorate your body to create a light and elegant look.

Silk georgette with golden flecks forms the custom colour embroidery, designed exclusively for Coco de Mer. Peek-a-boo designs and open styles allows you to show off your plumage to full extent, catching the eye of your chosen mate.

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Adorn your body in gilded Jean Bracq lace and golden silk Satin with Gaia. Playful and elegant, the range features carefully placed openings to excite and entice your lover.

Slowly undo the buttoned openings for a flirtatious striptease, or handover control and allow them to undo each delicate panel to reveal your intimate areas. Come undone with Gaia and lose all inhibitions.

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Ardea re-envisages iconic Coco de Mer shapes in shimmering silver Jean Bracq lace for the new season.

Metallic lurex yarn threads through the lace for a wetlook design, reminiscent of glimmering scales, reflecting the light for eye catching sex appeal. With silver hardware and a contemporary metallic shine, allow Ardea to lead you into temptation this SS17

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Lead the way in Panthera, our most revealing range yet. Invisible tulle wraps around your form for barely there coverage, adding a subtle glimmer to bare skin, whilst the delicate French lace detailing conceals your most intimate of areas.

Elegant and alluring, Panthera allows you to reveal and conceal your body as you so desire, teasing your prey to abide by your every whim.

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Unfurl your wings and reveal your inner seductress with Rhea. Angled panels combine with bold red Solstiss French lace to create a dramatic statement.

These striking designs draw attention to your most arousing areas, whilst peek-a-boo detailing allows you to control exactly how you wish to present yourself to your chosen mate.

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