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    Coco de Mer May Day Coco de Mer May Day

    Can you see the love? Look closer...

    Let Desire Bloom at Coco de Mer

    Holly Willoughby wearing Atsuko Kudo and Obey My Demand

    Television star Holly Willoughby was seen wearing designer brands Atsuko Kudo and Obey My Demand (both available at Coco de Mer) on the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan magazine. She carried off the latex, leather and metal stud combination with ease, shedding her daytime TV look for one that's sure to delight eroticists.

    Her gloves from Atsuko Kudo are a version of the Latex Lace Fingerless Gloves, while the gorgeous Obey My Demand jacket features creative director Leanne Brooke's signature metal studs and skin-hugging cuts.

    Holly told the publication: "I've always found that if you dress sexy, you feel sexy." As a mother and fiancée with a successful career, Holly proves there's always time to make yourself feel sexy, racy and utterly exquisite.

    Her step away from the demure 'wholesome Holly' image demonstrates that there's always more to someone than meets the eye...

    Atsuko Kudo Latex Lace Fingerless Gloves

    Obey My Demand - Oleska Studded Bra

    Obey My Demand - Oleska Studded Bra

    Satisfy Your Cravings...

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 06 March 2012

    Crave Duet Multispeed USB Rechargeable Vibrator The Crave Duet, as seen in the London Evening Standard.

    The body is a temple of sexual worship, deserved of the highest devotion. When we allow passage to our erotic space, access should only be granted to worthy pleasure objects. Choosing a luxury sex toy is a deeply personal experience and Coco de Mer ensures every toy we deliver is elegant, discreet, ecologically friendly, waterproof, body safe and sensually powerful.

    In the spirit of providing luxury erotic products that are designed to satisfy sophisticated customers with a conscience, Coco de Mer is elated to offer the Crave Duet Bullet Vibrator exclusively in the UK.

    Crave Duet was designed by Ti Chang, who enjoyed a career as an industrial designer, before turning her attentions to erotic design and working exclusively as a designer of high-end sex toys. Ti Chang started by designing the beautiful Incoqnito range of covert sex toys, which successfully masquerade as fashion accessories, and has now turned her discreet designs to luxury vibrators.

    Local sourcing and manufacturing is key to Crave's processes and they build each vibe in their workshop in San Francisco, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Crave Duet is beautifully made using nickle-free metals and medical-grade silicone to create a waterproof finish that is completely allergen free.

    This rechargeable bullet connects via USB, separating into two halves for charging and looks just like a flash drive when plugged into your computer. This level of discretion can restrict functionality in some sex toys, but Crave Duet is impressively powerful. Boasting four vibrating functions, each adjustable between four power levels, from two synchronised motors which are virtually silent during operation.

    The silicone tip has been painstakingly shaped to ensure the best-possible stimulation to the clitoris and surrounding area. The open-end pincer design allows the tip to surround the clitoris to direct the resonant vibrations to your most sensitive areas, providing a sexual experience that is truly different to anything else you’ve experienced.

    Ti Chang intends to release a second generation of Crave Duet bullets containing functioning flash drives, the perfect solution for the business woman with a glint in her eye. The first will contain an 8GB flash drive and the second will be gold plated with a 16GB flash drive.

    What better way to mix business with pleasure?

    The Coco fairies have been flitting around London, and spotted some traditional and some unconventional ways to show love this St Valentine's Day.

    How are you expressing your ardour and appreciation this year?

    Coco de Mer Valentine's Day Coco de Mer Valentine's Day
    Happy Valentine's Day from Coco de Mer

    All Wrapped Up at The Box

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 09 February 2012

    The divine dancers at The Box have been treating members at London's hottest club to a sizzling routine dressed in Coco de Mer's very own All Wrapped Up Bra and Silk Tie Knickers lingerie set!

    Things are never quite as they seem at The Box and the routine starts with the dancers sexily draped across chairs in nothing but a pair of stilettos and continues with them slowly, and sexily, putting their underwear back on, incorporating the luxurious thick silk ties into their performance.

    All Wrapped Up Lingerie at The Box All Wrapped Up Lingerie at The Box

    The routine has been so popular that it's being transferred across the pond, to The Box's New York club too!

    All Wrapped Up Lingerie at The Box, London
    All Wrapped Up Coco de Mer Lingerie at London's Hottest Club, The Box

    Steal My Heart... Valentine's Day at Coco de Mer

    The Coco convicts have been stealing hearts since 2001... but don't worry, they're safely behind bars.

    Coco de Mer rated as 1 of 100 best shops in London

    For 10 years Coco de Mer has been fulfilling the desires of lovers, adventurers and dreamers and so it seems particularly timely that during the very month of our 10th anniversary, Time Out Magazine has rated us one of their Top 100 Favourite Shops in London (we came a very respectable 35 out of 100, alongside brands like APC and Marc by Marc Jacobs).

    Not only that, but they chose to film in only 5 of their 100 finalists, and along with (Harrods and Liberty of London) we were one of the lucky stars of the show...

    Watch the 100 best shops in London video - featuring Coco de Mer from 1:45

    Trick or Treat?

    We all know that even a man's nipples will stand out stiff and firm if chilled or aroused... and a bottle of bubbly in the bedroom, well, no argument there. So here's the thing...

    Put a bottle of bubbly in a bucket of ice and water (this is important) next to the bed. Prepare the room with Jack O'Lanterns made from Pumpkins, ugly shaped Squashes or even large Swedes, so that the tea lights inside them give out a warm orange glow. Or, for a quick effect, a red scarf over a low energy lamp or even a few red fairy lights wouldn't go amiss. As well as your favourite sex toys, make sure you have a few long feathers to hand and some chocolate treats or sweeties...

    Pumpkins a la Coco de Mer

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 28 October 2011

    The gorgeous Coco de Mer girls have been busy carving their way through a bundle of pumpkins to give you a spookily erotic twist on Halloween...

    Pornkins by night are soon to give you a fright!

    Pornkins Pornographic Pumpkins by Coco de Mer

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