• Chanel Iman Wears Coco de Mer Sylph Set in ES Magazine

    Chanel Iman wearing the Coco de Mer Sylph Bra and Coco de Mer Sylph Gate Back Briefs in today's ES Magazine.

    With long, sleek hairs and an almost architectural spiral handle, the Paul Seville Horse Hair Whip competes with the model to hold the onlooker's gaze in the November/December 2012 issue of Wonderland Magazine.

    Coco de Mer Paul Seville Wonderland

    Master DominicAs an experienced male Dominant, Master Dominic has seen his fair share of excited customers. At Coco de Mer’s latest Salon, however, he encountered a group unlike anything he deals with in his London Dungeon.

    Friday evening saw a host of women arrive at Coco de Mer, notebooks in hand, ready and eager to learn from the Master a very specific set of skills treat the men in their lives.

    Giving the Perfect Blowjob: An Oral Sex Masterclass was a Salon perfectly suited to Dominic's expertise, as he has experience of both giving and receiving incredible oral sex.

    Telling it like it is, he spilt the beans on what men are really thinking when you put your hands ‘there’ or do ‘that thing’ with your tongue, and above all, how to read his tell-tale pleasure (and pain) signs.

    With the help of half a dozen cock rings, a game involving licking lollipops and realistic gential model dubbed ‘Ernest’, Master Dominic divulged some of his best moves, whilst honestly answering questions throughout the session, keeping everyone up to speed.

    Frank, funny and, above all, informative, Master Dominic has fast become a firm favourite with Coco de Mer's Salon guests. His advice was both valuable and eye-opening without coming across as patronising, making him the perfect approachable Salon teacher.

    Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance or two from Master Dominic in next season’s Salon schedule!

    Coco de Mer is pleased to announce Midori's Autumn/Winter salon schedule. A renowned educator and writer on sexuality, Japanese-born Midori is an internationally sought-after presenter on sexuality and is considered a pivotal figure in the leather and BDSM communities.

    Author of the best-selling The Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, Midori is known not only for her extensive knowledge of Japanese sexual culture but also for tackling challenging topics with fresh and relevant insights. Midori will be presenting salons throughout November and December at Coco de Mer's boutique in Covent Garden, London.

    Midori is also available for 'private Salons' for couples and individuals seeking personalised instruction - please telephone Coco de Mer Covent Garden to discuss.

    Midori's Salon Schedule

    1. Midori
      • Monday 19 November
      • Tricks to Thrill a Man - Sorry, sold out
      • Wednesday 28 November
      • Tricks to Thrill a Man - Sorry, sold out

    Coco de Mer Covent Garden

    Some of you may have noticed that Coco de Mer featured in last night’s episode of Made In Chelsea as Cheska, Gabriella and Ollie were treated to a spanking masterclass with Allison England.

    Having witnessed the boys purchasing some decadent nipple tassels for Spencer’s birthday earlier this season, the girls (and Ollie) visited Covent Garden to get their fill of naughty goods, playing with feather ticklers and leather crops whilst browsing the store...

    1. Nichi Hodgson Salon

    2. Last night we had the pleasure of re-launching Coco de Mer's famous Salons, kicking off with Domination for Beginners hosted by journalist, broadcaster and author of the newly released book 'Bound to You', Nichi Hodgson.

      An experienced 'Vanilla Domme' specialising in teaching female authority in the bedroom, Nichi bestowed her best tips and tricks to an excited audience.

      With something for everyone, Nichi covered both the basics of how to hold a dominant posture and verbal instruction, as well as more advanced spanking and not-as-scary-as-it-sounds 'cock trussing'.

      Coco de Mer's Allison England willing donned a strap on to help demonstrate techniques and even found herself over-the-knee at one point (scroll down for photos).

      The atmosphere in the seductive Covent Garden shop was incredible as the bubbly flowed and the audience were emboldened by Nichi's frank and friendly manner. With an exclusive post-Salon discount available, many guests equipped themselves in order to put Nichi's suggestions into action.

      Nichi Hodgson is hosting Domination for Beginners for one further date - Friday 2nd November.

      View Coco de Mer's full Autumn/Winter Salon schedule.

    1. Coco de Mer's Allison England is a willing assistant in the spanking part of Nichi's demonstration.

      Nichi Hodgson Salon

    2. Allison introducing Nichi to an eager audience at Coco de Mer's Covent Garden shop.

      Nichi Hodgson Salon

    Coco de Mer Halloween 2012 Window Display

    The October issue of Cosmopolitan is now on sale, featuring items from Coco de Mer in their main fashion shoot. Channeling Bardot, the shoot updated the classic sex siren look with edgy leather and lace details.

    Coco de Mer French KissAll week, Coco de Mer is celebrating London cocktail week in style, with an in-house mixologist creating beautiful cocktails in our Seven Dials, Covent Garden boutique daily from 4pm.

    Created specially for the event is the Coco de Mer French Kiss, which has at its heart Conitreau, the spirit intrinsically linked with cocktail culture since its inception.

    Join us in-store to sample a Coco de Mer French kiss, or whip one up at home:

    Coco de Mer French Kiss

    1x large ripe Passion Fruit
    35ml Cointreau
    15ml Fresh lemon juice
    5ml Sugar syrup

    Scoop flesh from passion fruit and add all other ingredients. Shake over ice and fine strain into a chilled Martini glass.

    Coco de Mer celebrates London Cocktail Week

    London Cocktail Week – the biggest drinks festival in the UK – is back and will be basing its main hub in Seven Dials, Covent Garden. From Monday 8th to Sunday 14th October get ready to shake, sip and party your way to a fantastic celebration of our capital’s unrivalled cocktail culture.

    Coco de Mer will have a pop up Cointreau bar in the shop every day from 4pm. Visit the shop and try out a bespoke cocktail called Coco de Mer French Kiss which has been designed especially for us!

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