• It was 'Nightmare on Monmouth St' this Saturday night when the beauteous Chrys Columbine transformed into Freddy Krueger complete with steel glove!

    The window was awash of red and black sequin stripes while she slashed away with her red fans to give us saucy spine chills.

    Ladies and Gentlemen watched in careful awe as she peeled off her costume to reveal her red tassels which got them completely in the mood for some Halloween shenanigans.

    Chrys will be back for more very soon... watch this space.

    Freddy Krueger Burlesque from Chrys Columbine at Coco de Mer Freddy Krueger Burlesque from Chrys Columbine at Coco de Mer
    Freddy Krueger Burlesque from Chrys Columbine at Coco de Mer Freddy Krueger Burlesque from Chrys Columbine at Coco de Mer

    Chrys Columbine has been described as the icing on the cake of the UK burlesque scene, an opinion we wholeheartedly support! Last night she captivated passers by with an elegant and ethereal performance.

    Chrys will be back for Halloween this Saturday performing her unforgettable Freddy Kruger routine - make sure you don't miss it!

    Chrys Columbine Burlesque at Coco de Mer Chrys Columbine Burlesque at Coco de Mer
    Chrys Columbine Burlesque at Coco de Mer Chrys Columbine Burlesque at Coco de Mer

    When our favourite Japanese Rope Bondage expert Midori offered to show off her talent in our window we could hardly believe it was true! Recognised as one of the worlds leading rope bondage masters, Midori and her beautiful assistant gave us a show that was unforgettable.

    Simply using rope and forest foliage she delivered a jaw dropping display that ended as a stunning piece of art. Monmouth Street stopped traffic and the store burst at the seams with enlightened punters!

    Midori is our resident salon teacher - check our salon page for details of upcoming salons.

    Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori at Coco de Mer Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori at Coco de Mer
    Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori at Coco de Mer Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori at Coco de Mer
    Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori at Coco de Mer Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori at Coco de Mer

    Image credit: Photos ©2010 FLO Kohl & ©2010 Hood Ben-Eshak October 2010, London, UK "Fall" Artist: Midori Model: Dangerous Dolly A performance gathering at Coco de Mer

    Cabaret Rouge Burlesque for Coco de Mer

    Delighted and enthralled were we to have the company of the gorgeous, world famous Cabaret Rouge dancing girls perform in our humble shop window.

    They gave it their absolutely saucy all with costume changes galore and Fossey-esque dance numbers that dropped the jaws of our unsuspecting audience. Fifi Femelle and her girls sparked up the stage and set fire to the street.

    What better way to end a dreary day at work?!

    Read the rest of this post for more photos of the event...

    Cabaret Rouge at Coco de Mer from Rich Carter-Hounslow on Vimeo.

    Now, let's get one thing straight here. Scarlett Flame, Scotland's premier Burlesque Artiste, isn't your average entertainer. She arrived at our store on a bleak autumnal London evening dressed only in a black sweeping cape. On removal she revealed an outfit of artfully applied paint!

    Our curious customers and passers-by watched in awe as she lit up the store window with a delicate pointe shoe routine, complete with vintage feathers to tease our unsuspecting audience. So popular was she that the hungry crowd called for more and more...and ahhh, two hours of unadulterated titillating tease!

    Poor Scarlett, so blushed from her popularity that she had to return to Scotland, but the crowd calls on for her beauty!

    Ria Ulleiri Reading at Coco de MerBeing a classically trained actress Ria knows a thing or two about honing a silky smooth sensual voice, and what better pairing than to add a piece of erotic fiction into the mix.

    Our customers were treated to our first in a once-monthly reading from Tipping the Velvet, a lusty tale of two curious ladies inappropriately in lust and Fanny Hill, a bodice ripping naughty classic.

    Sitting still and listening to Ria's delectable tales took us away from the chaos of the city outside, and for a while we were lost in her stimulating sentences. Gentlemen please rise!

    Ria is our resident storyteller, and visits us every last Friday of the month from 5-6pm. 23 Monmouth St London 0207 836 8882.

    Orgasm Schmorgasm

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 13 September 2010

    Like many young people, losing my virginity was a disappointment. I was definitely too young, it was alcohol fuelled and something I regretted. The way I lost my virginity didn't set me up for having a great relationship with my body or understanding pleasure, but that all changed when I had my first orgasm. I was 21 years old and had been sexually active for a number of years. Prior to that first orgasm I had been living with a silent nagging fear: what if I never have an orgasm, what if I couldnt recognise an orgasm if it happened?

    My first orgasm was magical. It blew me apart into a thousand stars. I had my own internal galaxy shining brightly and the beauty of the orgasms changed the way I had sex. The experience of an orgasm for me represented self love, as it was only when I had fallen in love that I had my first orgasm. What amazed me was that orgasms are unmistakable and unmissable. Thank God was my overall reaction; I was now whole...

    Destination Paradise

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 13 October 2009

    Culturally we dismiss sex as a laughable, unmentionable act, our views loaded with judgment. The questions of getting it, giving it, and enjoying it all roll around inside the private minds of the cosmopolitan community. Pressures mount up and expectations are confusing for all of us.

    Contradictions around the liberation of sex are sending us into a world of mixed messages. With the loss of important boundaries and the over sexualisation of our culture, we are being led into a very dangerous place. Sex trafficking is on the increase, the 3rd largest criminal industry next to arms and drugs. Men are engaging in paid sex, unaware that a murderous mafia has transformed the sex industry, terrorising innocent children and women. Prostitution and lap dancing have become socially acceptable, and women have largely adopted a male attitude towards sex...

    View footage of the tassel-twirlingly successful Burlesque Protest Shows held in the Coco de Mer shop this Monday and Tuesday!

    Burlesque at Coco de Mer Last night was fucking brilliant. Witching hour saw our shop window come alive with saucy showcases with top burlesque performers Lola LaBelle and Ruby Rose, still life models Kink Ink and the divine sounds of Twin and Tonic. We literally stopped traffic. There were tailbacks down Monmouth Street as everyone wanted to see more - and it was fucking amazing.

    And the best bit is we're doing it all again tonight at 10pm so come and join us for a night of burlesque beauty. This is all part of our campaign to show Camden Council what burlesque really is and this Wednesday will see us taking to the streets of London to give the council a real eyeful. There'll be tits on sticks, 6ft burlesque figures and all manner of beautiful costumes. We'd love you to help us with the rabble rousing so be at the Monmouth Street store at noon.

    There is a kind of comedy about the notion of a burlesque protest - tits on sticks, boobs against bills and a Benny Hill version of politics so when approached by the magical and intelligent Lola LaBelle I could not help but giggle at the a tassel twirling outrage...

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