• A riotous spank-fuelled happening: An evening of surreal hilarity and beautiful women...

    Self-harm has never been so spankingly scintillating at God Spank The Queen, an event hosted at our Flagship store in Covent Garden last Thursday 21st.

    Fetish artist Bert Gilbert gathered together her company of Bottom Blushers and her wildly macabre and erotic handmade spanking instruments and held court in our stores window. The night was hosted by the infamous comedy duo, Robin and Partridge, featuring the equally infamous spanking post run by the beautiful handmaidens Santa Gasolina and Kink Inka's Marilyn Rose.

    Unsuspecting passersby were tempted into receiving a good going over with the strangely humorous yet titillating replicas of human hands. Some excitable persons received their dues by opting for a double spank, with a run up!

    House of Blueeyes designer was there and enjoyed his time at the gallows so much he insisted that both handmaidens give him repeated floggings and hogged the spanking post for a full 10 minutes... the cheek of it!

    On the night, Bert showcased 2 designs: a life size spanker, 'The Bottom Blusher' and a hand bag sized design, 'The Little Slapper' for spankers on the go! Whether you opt for the cupped or splayed hand, tattooed or plain, you are in for a great spank, as the soft leather caresses your bottom leaving a perfect hand shaped mark. These hand shaped spanking devices, have been commissioned by Sam Roddick and recently also by the singer Marilyn Manson and are now available to purchase the store.

    Coco de Mer Bert's Bottom Blushers - April 21st 2011 Coco de Mer Bert's Bottom Blushers - April 21st 2011

    Whether we are religious or not religion has affected our relationship to sex, both in negative and positive ways. It has curbed and controlled the way we interact with our bodies and the way we view sex. Often religion has fueled the flames of the fire, while attempting to have the opposite effect. Religion has made forbidden thoughts often the very thing that lies foremost in our mind.

    One of my favourite subjects is the dance of sexual temptation. While sexual temptation can be dangerous, it is a part of sexuality that can be enthralling. Sexual temptation has a negative connotation - a struggle between desire and the fulfillment of that desire, knowing that there could be a negative consequence when turning certain temptations in actions.

    The word temptation itself has religious connotations - the downfall of Adam and Eve, banished from Eden for succumbing to the temptation of the forbidden fruit, seduced by the snake (an ancient symbol of sexuality) tells us, with obvious warning, where temptation can lead us...

    Coco de Mer Inside Shop

    I opened Coco de Mer almost 10 years ago, and even though you can say our relationship to sex is an ever evolving expression, opening the shop has definitely had a huge effect on my relationship to sex. In many ways I am more conservative than ever before. I have even nicknamed myself the Mary Whitehouse of sex.

    It was in my late 20s that I walked into a sex shop for the first time, I will never forget it as it was a terrifying experience. It was a female run sex shop in Vancouver and walking through that door was like breaking my hymen all over again. In reality I had stepped into a whole new phase of my life...

    Spring has sprung! And what better way to celebrate the lighter evenings with a visit from the delicious flame haired Honey Wilde. She blew sweet kisses into her adoring crowd and tantalised the St Patrick's day revellers.

    The heat of the window lights also treated the delighted mob to the sight of Honey losing her tassels... She handled this very professionally of course (and gave us a cheeky flash to end the evening).

    Honey Wilde Burlesque performance at Coco de Mer Honey Wilde Burlesque performance at Coco de Mer

    School for Scandal

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 15 March 2011

    Sam Roddick

    Journalist Lisa Harris came along to Sam's salon last week and wrote a frank, informative and entertaining article which we love!

    Here's a taster:

    "Sex is an expression, not an act

    As a speaker, Roddick is like good sex: honest, open, fun, unpredictable and sensitive. Seated on a plush red chair, Roddick is at once a Madame character, dispensing advice and spanking techniques Ill get to blowjobs later yet she simultaneously embodies the intellect and activist, reflecting on how sexuality has sculpted western society. Roddicks duality precipitates into her outfit, as she wears an oversized jumper in a relaxed, informal fashion, so that only her skin tight, tactile leggings give a hint of her sensuality beneath.

    Roddicks message is simple: sex is an expression, not an act. You are the tool of talent, Roddick enthuses as she encourages us to see the bedroom as a theatre for the true self, rather than an exercise in stereotypical role playing. Roddick is most emphatic when she makes the distinction between process and goal-orientated sex, as she believes that many of us suffer at the hands of our own expectations around orgasm. Rather than making physical contact about the end product, Roddick asks her Salon guests to enjoy the journey, and especially enjoy the senses of touch, taste and sound in themselves..."

    Read the full article on the Running in Heels site.

    Coco de Mer Valentines

    Dear delicious Coco de Mer community you are so sexy - so loving - so filthy - so kind.

    The Valentine's competition was such a surprise. I say this in full sincerity your declarations of love have entertained me all week. Some of them actually made me cry, laugh out loud, and wish I was in bed with you.

    I know that we had mentioned that there were going to be three winners, but what are rules if you can't be bent about them.

    So... because you are so brilliant and so many people sent in declarations of love we have found 9 winners, the categories are below...

    Let's admit it, we are united as a nation in our mixed feelings of love and hatred toward Valentine's Day.

    Or more honestly, we have a love of hating the holiday and yet we all feel slightly forced to join in. It is ironic, but true that many people dread the moment of the last minute scramble to show up with a gesture that adequately expresses the complicated relationship you have with love, your lover or indeed brings it home that you don't have a lover at all.

    I personally understand the fear, the disappointment and the pressure that surrounds a designated day, highlighting romantic love. I feel there are genuine reasons that we collectively feel this holiday is incongruous. It is a holiday that was originally co-opted by the emotionally prudish early Christians, diverting the deeply sexual and fertility worshipping roots of the Romans festival into a cleaner version of what we humans are made of...

    Blessed were we at Monmouth St one chilly January evening when Miss Vicky Butterfly touched down from the heavens to mystify us.

    If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her you would have been witness to her hand made 1930s inspired costumes that she danced beautifully in and out of.

    Vicky Butterfly at Coco de Mer Vicky Butterfly at Coco de Mer

    Kitty Devine at Coco de MerIn her little blue corset and matching heels Miss Kitty Devine warmed more than just our cockles with her saucy performance one rainy eve.

    She hot-stepped non-stop for a whole magical hour, giving unsuspecting passers by a treat on their way home!

    Kitty performs with the sassy gals from Cabaret Rouge in the world famous Cafe De Paris in London every Saturday night.

    Expect more heart-stopping antics from the girls in 2011!

    Good Vibrations

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 01 November 2010

    I opened Coco de Mer just over a year after I bought my very first sex toy; a vibrator. Buying that vibrator was the reason I opened my shop, and I suppose you could say that single purchase changed my life.

    The night before a friend of mine had told me a story that gave me the impetus to walk into a shop that, for many years, I had hovered around but never dared to venture in. The story goes, two days before she had bought herself a silicone vibrator that was a shape of a tree with a snake wrapped around it. It came with a warning, the sales assistant said, 'just so you know, we have many reports that this vibe makes women cry when they orgasm'.

    Obviously my friend thought 'rubbish' only to go home, orgasm, and promptly burst into tears. Well, let's face it, that is enough to sell it to anyone. So I did the brave thing and crossed over the door to a whole new world...

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