• Trick or Treat?

    We all know that even a man's nipples will stand out stiff and firm if chilled or aroused... and a bottle of bubbly in the bedroom, well, no argument there. So here's the thing...

    Put a bottle of bubbly in a bucket of ice and water (this is important) next to the bed. Prepare the room with Jack O'Lanterns made from Pumpkins, ugly shaped Squashes or even large Swedes, so that the tea lights inside them give out a warm orange glow. Or, for a quick effect, a red scarf over a low energy lamp or even a few red fairy lights wouldn't go amiss. As well as your favourite sex toys, make sure you have a few long feathers to hand and some chocolate treats or sweeties...

    Pumpkins a la Coco de Mer

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 28 October 2011

    The gorgeous Coco de Mer girls have been busy carving their way through a bundle of pumpkins to give you a spookily erotic twist on Halloween...

    Pornkins by night are soon to give you a fright!

    Pornkins Pornographic Pumpkins by Coco de Mer

    It's that time of year when the nights are drawing in and darkness looms across the land...

    What better time to explore your dark side and try out some bedroom tricks, you may just be in for a treat!

    Spooky, Sexy Halloween at Coco de Mer

    We invite you to email us with details of your bedroom TRICKS, for a chance to win a TREAT - 2 tickets to one of our exclusive Salons - an evening of erotic education an entertainment! (worth £168)

    Send your entry to pleasereply@coco-de-mer.co.uk with the subject 'Bedroom Trick'.

    Good Luck!

    The Box Dancers at Coco de MerCoco de Mer's collaboration with The Box for Vogue's 'Fashion's Night Out' last week was a huge success!

    Dancers from London's coolest club, The Box treated passers-by to a sizzling window performance at our Covent Garden store on Thursday night.

    If you missed it enjoy this sneak-peak of what takes place during Fashion's Night Out.

    Keep an ear out for further news, we are producing a customised Coco de Mer gift set which will be available exclusively at The Box and will be launching our unique Salons at The Box in October.

    Men Fake Orgasms Too

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 24 May 2011

    Fake orgasms are thought to only exist within the world of women. Many women feel fake orgasms are an inside joke. They hold an unspoken power that silently questions male sexual skills; after all it is believed men can't tell the difference between the two. Fake orgasms breed insecurity, they create doubt that a great experience in the bedroom may not be mutual, and in fact the other person might be in a whole different and hidden reality of dissatisfaction.

    When you talk to women about fake orgasms there are different stories. There are those who openly admit having them and wear their acting skills with pride. There are those who when asked about fake orgasms go into an uncomfortable silence possibly feeling a hidden shame and those who say they have never done it. No matter what their personal admission, all women agree that faking happens a lot and a lot of women do it.

    When you ask men about female fake orgasms the stock answer is, 'I have never been with women that have faked an orgasm'. If you ask them how they would know they just say (pause): 'I can just tell'. At this point all women in the room roll around laughing...

    I am not a man, so I can't profess to understand the inner workings of the magical reality of the penis. So while this article is about temporary impotence, or as some might call it 'the bouncing cheque of love', I have to hold up my hand and say, I might not be the best authority on the subject.

    What I can say is that an issue that does affect a large number of men and my heart goes out to them. A non-performing penis has to be one of the worst forms of anxiety. There are many reasons why a penis decides not to cooperate, but the truth is, the penis is giving you a message, finding out what that message is, is a little more tricky...

    Midori Bondage at Coco de MerCome for an afternoon of sensual art at the cutting edge, wrapped in ropes, flesh, beauty, danger and flowers. Midori, our favorite pleasure skills educator, will drench our Covent Garden window with her installation performance incorporating inspirations from the steamy art of Japanese rope bondage Shibari, with her signature site-specific flower work. This special afternoon features the notorious burlesque femme fetale, Dolly DAngerous.

    Tuesday 10th May, 2pm - 4pm

    23 Monmouth Street


    WC2H 9DD

    Midori Bondage at Coco de Mer Midori Bondage at Coco de Mer Midori Bondage at Coco de Mer

    Image credit: Photos ©2010 FLO Kohl & ©2010 Hood Ben-Eshak October 2010, London, UK "Fall" Artist: Midori Model: Dangerous Dolly A performance gathering at Coco de Mer

    Sex & Conception

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 03 May 2011

    One of my favorite memories of Coco de Mer is of a regular customer of mine. He is a tall, handsome, well spoken yet reserved Canadian man, living in London on a business transfer. He would periodically come into my Covent Garden boutique and buy the most beautiful and expensive implements dedicated to the back door passage. Every time he came into the shop he would talk warmly of his wife, who was too shy to come in but absolutely loved everything he bought for them. When you have a customer like my Canadian man, you get to know what their penchants are, and as a good retailer I have learnt to buy and create new products specifically for these special customers. I could quite confidently say he was a dedicated lover of their rear entrances and only ever bought the most expensive gold and silver objects for them.

    You could imagine my surprise when one day he came in specially to thank me, saying he held Coco de Mer responsible for getting his wife pregnant. We cracked open the bottle of Champagne he had brought and toasted to their new family. When he walked out of the door I then released my expression into a look of bewilderment, I literally thought, how in the hell did they ever get pregnant? I had only ever imagined them having anal sex and wasnt sure how that could translate into pregnancy...

    Since the doors have opened at Coco de Mer we have collected many thousands of our customers erotic moments and fantasies, all written anonymously posted through our website. To be honest it has been almost impossible to distinguish the difference between the two, as well as determining whether a man or woman has written it. Only when mythical creatures appear like unicorns or sexual incidents that include Hollywood celebrities in unlikely places (like Jennifer Lopez naked in Barnet sports center) do you question the reality.

    For some, life verges on a techni-coloured, neon coated reality and sexual life is considered a creative master piece. For others, sexual fantasies are a private affair, fueling their own internal sexual engine, enjoyed in the full occupation of a great satisfying wank. Others turn fantasies into home theatre where they act and dress up as the characters (I will be Little Red Riding Hood and you be the Wolf.) I am often a gasp how creative and daring we all are, even if many people think they have boring sex it doesn't take long to probe and actually find out they are incredible, sexual script writers. However differently we do it, we all have something in common, and being pleasured and pleasuring is at the forefront of our desire....

    To mark this year's Cake and Cunnilingus Day we invited you all to whip up some naughty treats for our masturbake-off.

    Much love, effort and creativity went into the entries and made picking a winner a most challenging but tasty task! After much delectation and deliberation our judge Miss Cakehead selected these titillating cupcakes as the winner:

    Narrowly beaten to the post were the following erotic masterpieces...

    Thank you to all who entered, we hope you put this year to good use and start planning your kinky confections for next year!

    Coco de Mer Cake & Cunnilingus Day - Competition Winners Coco de Mer Cake & Cunnilingus Day - Competition Winners
    Coco de Mer Cake & Cunnilingus Day - Competition Winners Coco de Mer Cake & Cunnilingus Day - Competition Winners

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