• View footage of the tassel-twirlingly successful Burlesque Protest Shows held in the Coco de Mer shop this Monday and Tuesday!

    Burlesque at Coco de Mer Last night was fucking brilliant. Witching hour saw our shop window come alive with saucy showcases with top burlesque performers Lola LaBelle and Ruby Rose, still life models Kink Ink and the divine sounds of Twin and Tonic. We literally stopped traffic. There were tailbacks down Monmouth Street as everyone wanted to see more - and it was fucking amazing.

    And the best bit is we're doing it all again tonight at 10pm so come and join us for a night of burlesque beauty. This is all part of our campaign to show Camden Council what burlesque really is and this Wednesday will see us taking to the streets of London to give the council a real eyeful. There'll be tits on sticks, 6ft burlesque figures and all manner of beautiful costumes. We'd love you to help us with the rabble rousing so be at the Monmouth Street store at noon.

    There is a kind of comedy about the notion of a burlesque protest - tits on sticks, boobs against bills and a Benny Hill version of politics so when approached by the magical and intelligent Lola LaBelle I could not help but giggle at the a tassel twirling outrage...