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    Calling all adventurers: let us beckon you into the alluring world of Coco de Mer. We are London's leading luxury erotic emporium, and have been the smirking face of artisanal sensual pleasure since 2001. Seeking to relish sexual liberation with a decidedly British eccentricity, Coco is unashamedly unashamed about sex. There - we admit it. So spank us...

    The swiftly beating heart of Coco pulses with desire for erotic exploration and experimentation, the essence of which we distill each season into collections of irresistible, eclectic aesthetica. Adorn your body with our diverse range of boudoir-ready regalia and quench your curiosity.

    So where does our name come from? Well, when explorers long ago moored on the distant shores of the Seychelles, they found palm seeds scattered across the pristine white beaches that bore an uncanny resemblance to the front and bottom area of the female pelvis, reminding them of what they were missing back home... Emphasising and embracing the fact that enjoying the erotic is part of our nature - that's what Coco is all about.

    Sam Roddick is the founder of this oh-so-British institution. Daughter of The Body Shop founder and activist Anita Roddick, Sam has a background in radical activism and sexual politics. Coco first stormed the public consciousness and sparked many a furtively whispered conversation in 2001 when advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi depicted the faces of ordinary people enjoying extraordinary orgasms in that ad campaign. We've been storming the headlines ever since with our unrelentingly quirky and seductive style.

    The concept of the salon that Coco is now famed for dates back to the 18th century, when social gatherings in great rooms of private residences were fuelled by dynamic hosting skills, intellectual debate, music and debauchery. Coco de Mer aims to provoke thought and stimulate discussion by reviving the spirit of the salon, hosting evenings of frivolous entertainment and delightful filth.

    Proud to manufacture their erotic regalia in the UK, Coco de Mer is founded and run on a clear set of principles. Founder Sam was passionate about sexual politics, creating a non-profit branch to the business, Bondage for Freedom, which focussed on social and sexual issues and worked with a network of creatives and not for profit organisations.

    As well as gathering beautiful, wearable aphrodesia from a panoply of high-end brands, Coco de Mer is also renowned for the provocative pieces we design exclusively in-house.

    Achieving that artfully naughty balance between revealing and concealing is what sets Coco apart. Renowned for our brazenly off-beat aesthetic, at Coco we know that the devil is in the detail. That's why we always add extra, sinfully seductive elements to make our pieces that little bit friskier. Revelling in ensuring each piece is evocative, provocative and downright desirable, Coco's Head of Design Frankie Goulden shares that when working on a design, she always thinks: 'Now... How can I make this piece ruder?'

    Each opulent piece she dreams up is loaded with lewd intentions; undeniably beautiful and flattering, yet always infused with kink and a decidedly erotic edge. For example, our tumultuously sensual Thor collection that stormed SS14 with its stormy gunmetal colourway and provocative cut-outs walks the line between classically flattering and daringly edgy. We use silk and lace as base materials from which each debaucherously chic piece is crafted.

    So go on, join us on our deliciously salacious journey of sexual empowerment and expression. We bet you'll enjoy the ride...

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