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    Coco de Mer has always been revered and admired not just as a place of retail but one of education. For years lovers, dreamers and adventurers have sought enlightenment at our Monmouth Street store attending our unique and many varied salons all in pursuit of knowledge and pleasure. All our Salons are taught by internationally respected professionals and fuelled by champagne and canapes making for an unforgettable experience. The organiser of these extraordinary evening classes is Salon Co-ordinator Lauren Newman. We popped into the Monmouth Street store to catch up with Lauren and find out more about what goes into making the perfect Salon.


    Lauren, do you still remember your first Salon at Coco de Mer?

    Yes, It was my first week working at Coco de Mer and I saw Midori's Japanese rope bondage. I remember feeling nervous as I had no idea what to expect but I had nothing to be nervous about. The Salon was brilliant and the performance she did with the rope was so beautiful, it left me speechless.

    Tell us a little bit about your role. What's involved in being in charge of Coco de Mer's curriculum?

    Each day is different. From meeting hosts and ensuring they are the best person for the job to making sure we have a full range of topics. I also meet with guests to tailor make Salons and with corporate connections to spread the word about our Salons.

    Which is your favourite Salon and why?

    I've seen each Salon a multiple of times and each time I learn or discover something new, so each are my favourite in their own right. The same Salon can change slightly depending on what the guests need or ask, all questions are worth asking however unusual as it always answers something someone else was thinking, it's brilliant. I must say attending has ensured there is a smile on my partner's face to say the least.

    What do you love about your role as Salon Co-ordinator?

    I love the challenge of bringing talented individuals who are pioneers in their chosen profession. I always enjoy meeting the guests that come to our Salons and love hearing what they have learnt and seeing them go off so excited and empowered. Taking the Salons on the road to different venues or creating a tailor made Salon for someone's birthday or hen is another great part of the job.

    You also sometimes have quite a hands on role during the Salons. What does that involve?

    Most of our Salons are quite interactive and I am occasionally called upon for demonstrations such as being a model for a rope harness, being blindfolded or holding up our dear friend Ernest. (Anyone who attends Playing the Flute will be introduced to Ernest, he is a great helper at that Salon.)

    We're oh so curious as to know what happens at a private Salon.

    Pretty much anything you want! Our term time Salons have a set layout but our private Salons are bespoke and can be tailored to the needs of the guests. Salon topics and themes can be mixed together, food and drink is provided to your specifications, you can even request a burlesque performances or maybe you want to fly us over to Barbados...We can make it happen!

    What do you recommend as absolute lingerie must haves?

    The new Titania full cup bra and tie side knickers from Coco de Mer. All wrapped up, a Coco de Mer classic, Holloway Smith Noir nipple tassels and the in store exclusive vintage kimonos, each one is totally unique.

    What Coco de Mer pieces are you currently lusting over?

    The new pink Olivia von Halle Alba Anastasia pyjamas and the William Wilde red latex set.

    What are your vices?

    Whiskey, Victoria Grant hats and killer heels.

    And finally, what does sexuality mean to you?

    It's what someone desires and is turned on by. It's what makes an individual feel great about themselves.

    Click here to see what Salons are available this term and for private Salons you can enquire in store or contact us here. Come and let us teach you a lesson.

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