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    This month, Coco de Mer profiles the work of illustrator Victoria Sin. We sat down with her to talk erotica, art supplies and German porn stars.


    Hi Victoria. We want to start by saying how excited we are to be collaborating this month. Will you reveal what you have been up to for Coco de Mer?

    I'm really excited to be able to showcase my work with one of my favourite brands. I've designed a tongue in cheek illustration for the Coco de Mer window featuring one of my own favourite sexually empowered characters from my illustrated Pussy Book, and I'll have four limited edition prints from the same series available exclusively in store.

    Victoria Sin is a highly apt name given your work. Is it your real name?

    Yes it is my real name! Though I realised a while ago I share it with a German porn star which is ironic. Sin is actually a phonetic translation of my Cantonese family name, but yes, very apt.

    Why do you think Coco de Mer is a good platform for your work?

    For me Coco de Mer is one of the only luxury brands out there encouraging women to be totally empowered about their sexuality. I think it's something that women should be proud of and show off, that whole ideology is at the core of my work too.

    What do you love about Coco de Mer?

    Besides the above, Coco de Mer stocks my favourite latex and leatherwear, and I'm always discovering new brands perusing the website.

    What's your creative background?

    My mum is a kick ass illustrator, but quite in contrast from me she's most known for her work illustrating children's books. My dad is an Architect. I didn't study illustration but you could say my background was quite creative - I moved to London from Toronto straight after high school and decided to work my way up.

    What inspires you?

    A lot of things inspire me, from pop culture to porn, to drag queens and religious iconography.


    Your Pussy illustrations feature some of Coco's classic designs such as the Persephone collection. If you were to do a self portrait what piece would you draw yourself in?

    I would definitely do a whole Fleet Ilya look - the Web Body Harness and the Strap On Leather Harness. There's nothing quite like wearing leather.

    How do you go about tackling controversy and erotica?

    I've had people tell me my work is obscene, but the language used to criticise it is usually routed in a sexist and puritanical rhetoric. I'm not being controversial just for controversy's sake, I think being sexy is fun and everyone should do it and be a bit more open minded at the same time.

    What other artists influence you?

    I'm a big Tom of Finland fan, he was the father of a whole homoerotic aesthetic! Right now I also love the work of Cary Kwok and it's no surprise that they were both recently in an exhibition together at the ICA. Jeff Koons' Made in Heaven series with Chicholina is one of my favourite visual inspirations. And Cassils, a male trans artist pushing the boundaries of gendered aesthetics.

    Why is ink your chosen medium?

    I've always loved the look of cross hatching, even before I started doing it - the way you can show depth and texture only with black lines. There's something straight forward and honest about it.

    You print on silk. What made you go from paper to silk and how is it different to work with?

    I love printing onto silk. Not only is it more luxurious but printing on silk means that someone can carry a naughty little illustration around with them on a pocket square or scarf, or on their lingerie underneath their clothes.

    What are your cultural influences?

    I live for Amanda Lepore and I've watched every film by John Waters.

    Where do you stock up on art supplies?

    I get my pigment pens from any large art store like The London Graphic Centre or Atlantis, I only use 0.25 mm pigment pens.

    Do you have a muse for your clothing pieces?

    Not one in particular, different bodies look great in different garments. Kate Moss' body is one of my favourites though. Hers was the inspiration for the Coco de Mer window display.

    What are your future aspirations?

    I feel lucky already to be able to do what I love for a living. In the future I'd like to be doing what I'm doing but just more and on a larger scale.

    To learn more about Victoria visit her website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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