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    Impressing the art world with her highly intricate papercuts, Poppy Chancellor is our current cultural obsession at Coco de Mer. A dedicated Coco de Mer customer and fan, Chancellor’s first solo exhibition is approaching which focuses on erotic motifs and the idea of sexual greed. We sat down with the artist to delve into her vivid imagination and admire her work…


    Poppy, tell us about your exhibition ‘Cut and Thrust’.

    The show looks at the animalistic nature of desire through a cast of exotic characters. I love story telling, so these intricate illustrations really let the viewer delve into a world that's full of humour, celebration and sex.

    It's your first solo show. How do you beat nerves?

    It's important to relax and not to get too self-conscious. A long bath always helps.

    What made you approach erotica as a theme?

    I've been visually obsessed with sexual greed and seduction for a long time and I've always wanted to make work about it. I love combining a traditional craft with something more sensual.

    How long will one piece take to cut out by hand?

    It can vary depending on the intricacy, but most pieces take around 6 hours to cut out.

    Where do you go for inspiration?

    I'm always inspired by traditional Mexican and Chinese paper art. The Shunga exhibition of Japanese Erotica at The British Museum really inspired me to look at how thrilling erotic images could be.

    How did you discover Coco de Mer? What is it that draws you to our brand?

    My mum first introduced me to the store and I find it hard not to go in every time I walk past. I love spoiling myself and Coco de Mer always makes me feel like I deserve a little treat.

    What is your most coveted piece?

    I love this Paul Seville Gold Spiked Leather Choker. I think it would look great on a night out.

    Do you see yourself as an Adventurer, a Lover or a Dreamer?

    I'd like to think a mixture of all three, but If I had to choose one, it would be a Lover.

    Tell us your passions outside the art world?

    I love eating good food and I love to dance. A combination of the two would be ideal but might give me a stitch.

    What fuels late nights at your studios?

    Good music, delicious snacks and a sharp scalpel.

    Poppy’s Cut and Thrust exhibition is showing at Celestine Eleven, 4 Holywell Lane, London EC2A 3ET. It commences on the 5th of June.


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