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    Coco de Mer
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    Saturday 17th May sees the historic Seven Dials in Covent Garden host its Summer shopping event. The highlight of the festivities will be Coco de Mer's notorious window dances staring Beau Rocks. We picked the brains of the pint sized bombshell to learn all about the art of the tease...


    Describe Beau Rocks in three words.

    Playful - Enigmatic - Sensual

    How long have you been performing and what first attracted you to burlesque?

    I have been performing professionally since 2007. I never thought I would still be doing it 7 years on - never mind internationally with some of the biggest names in the industry! I was initially attracted to the freedom burlesque offers. For me, its a chance to express myself both creatively and sexually. Growing up I was always a tomboy and shied away from anything 'girly'. Initially I could hide behind burlesque as a way of being more feminine - with the silk stockings, lacy knickers and nipple tassels. Now of course, I embrace every angle of my womanhood and love playing dress up for a living.

    Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

    Its the small things that help get me into character and in the mood, like applying my red lipstick slowly and in plenty of time to make sure its just right.

    You use some exciting props during your performances. Which ones get the best reactions?

    Its more what you do with them that gets the reaction. I have a plethora of soft feather boas and fans that I use to hide my naked flesh. I use props in lots of different ways on stage, but usually the suggestion and anticipation of what I will do with the prop gets a bigger reaction than the final act - I guess that is the 'art' of the tease!

    What makes you feel sensual?

    I think I'm a very sensory person. I love using bath oils and body lotions and creams. When my skin is soft and smelling delicious it makes me feel otherworldly. Slipping on silk stockings to freshly moisturised thighs is a delight no one should miss out on.

    Which garments do you have most fun removing during your performance?

    Definitely stockings! There are lots of different ways they can be removed. Slowly, quickly, lying down or standing up. Stockings can also be used as a prop afterwards. In one of my acts I use one as a blindfold and one as gag for a poor unsuspecting audience member.

    What are your favourite lingerie brands?

    I am completely in love with Bordelle at the moment. Their lingerie is both feminine and a little bit kinky with bondage undertones. They look incredible and can double up as shape wear. I have also been lusting after a sheer kimono for a while. My next investments will definitely be the purple Full Bloom Chiffon Kimono by Steph Aman or the Coco De Mer Aurora Kimono, I just love the lace paneling. I am a big fan of wearing underwear as outerwear like cuffs and harnesses which can be worn over simple vests or dresses, I adore harnesses by Fleet Ilya.

    If you were locked in Coco de Mer for one night what would you do?

    This is a dream scenario! I would take much pleasure in trying on every piece of lingerie I could get my hands on. There are lots of books in store too that I have often flicked through but never had the time to really look at so that would definitely be on the agenda. Perhaps it would be more fun to be locked in with someone else but given the incredible collection of luxury toys in store maybe that's not necessary!

    What are your top tips for becoming the ultimate tease?

    Anticipation and suggestion. Going slow and letting your audience know that you are the one calling the shots. Whether your audience is 500 people in a theater or just you and your other half. I also think its very important to let them know that you are having a good time, because after all, if you are enjoying yourself the chances are they will be too!

    What do you think makes the ultimate outfit for seduction?

    When it comes to clothes and lingerie I think its important to wear something that makes YOU feel damn good! Off stage I usually opt for a little black dress but underneath is my secret - stockings and suspenders and a half cup bra is a favourite of mine. No one else knows I am wearing it but that's not important - the way it makes me feel and carry myself is incredible.

    What is your most treasured possession?

    A few years ago my other half gave me a beautiful Shell Belle lingerie set from Coco de Mer for our anniversary. It fitted perfectly and he even got me stockings to match. He is not the most confident man when it comes to shopping for things for me to wear so I was really impressed when he got it so right! I still keep it in its purple box in my wardrobe and it is now my fail safe set for special occasions. It really means a lot to me that he spent time choosing something so perfect - even though I'm sure he had plenty of help from the  wonderful girls in store!

    Do you have any naughty indulgences?

    I love having my body massaged and was recently given a rather delightful treat which involved edible massage oil. I won't go into detail, but it was divine...

    What inspires you?

    I take my inspiration from all different places. Be it a song or a piece of art, even films or beautiful garments.

    Where is the the most unusual place you have performed?

    I recently performed an open air show at a vineyard in Sardinia with a seven piece swing band called The Ballroom Kings. Performing with a live band under the stars was incredible and the 200 strong crowd loved it.

    Where can we see you next?

    I perform regularly at Proud venues in London - both Camden and City. The venues are fantastic and always have amazing performers on the line up. The Camden venue is perhaps my favourite place to perform as it is very small and intimate, I can really get in amongst the audience and it makes for a more interactive show.

    To find our more about Beau and when she is next performing click here.


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