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    Allison England Dream Maker

    Hot off the press, Men's Health interview with Miss England, Coco de Mer's resident Dream Maker shares her expert advice on how to spank.  She revealed the following:

    1. Broach it: Start with a flirty conversation. "Just being confident enough to bring it up is sexy," Miss England says. "Asking casually, 'What do you think about spanking?' will start a hot conversation." Reassure her that it's only role-play, but that you get turned on by power games.

    2. Tap it: Choose a night when neither of you have been drinking. "Establish three safe words-one for red (stop) amber (go slow) and green (keep going)," Miss England says. Lay her over your knee. "Use flat slaps, then cup your hand to change the sensations." The turn-on isn't (just) the pain - it's the surrender.

    3.Target it: "If she can take it, try a paddle," says Miss England. "Leather feels great. Once her cheeks are rosy, spank her sweet spot - the lower middle part of the bum, just before the genitals. You'll hit a nerve that goes right to the groin." In a good way.

    4. Massage it: Use your safe words to bring the session to an end. "Then massage her bum with a cooling cream like After Fun (Coco de Mer, £28). As well as soothing her, it's nice to have contact while she's in a state of pleasure." And you'll both want to do something sexy with that build-up of sexual energy, too.

    Follow Miss England's advice with our reccomended tools. Begin with this cheeky Spanking Ruler which gives a pleasant sting and then graduate to the luxurious feeling of leather with these wonderful creations by Paul Seville.  Find everything you'll need to become an expert in the art of spanking in store, online or book a place at our best selling Spanking Skills salon.

    To learn more from Miss England book a personal shopping appointment by calling the Monmouth Street store.

    Men's Health May issue is now available on news stands.

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