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    Coco de Mer
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    Encouraging wry smiles and second glances with every wear, Age of Reason pieces revel in their own delicious audacity. Each fine, 100% silk scarf from this distinctive UK label is at once effortlessly wearable and like nothing else in your wardrobe.

    Inkblots, intricate illustrations and scratchy sketches pepper these quirky pieces, each one flaunting its own lovable, punky idiosyncrasies.

    It's the sense of mischievous rebellion infused into each piece that makes Age of Reason so charming.

    Each hand-finished accessory inspires adventurous, playful styling - wear to reveal the smirk-provoking designs or nonchalantly keep them hidden.

    Thanks to their flowing, liquid-like quality, the scarves can be worn draped or knotted around the neck, or tied with a flourish onto your handbag.

    Shop the collection, including the two new scarves we're delighted to be carrying for SS14. The roguish new Naughty Nymphs and Kama Sutra designs are sure to delight...

    The pleasing spectrum of colourways available lends a broad appeal to these tactile accessories - their glossy silk finish and rich palettes give them an ultra-luxurious feel, making them perfect as a gift or indulgent treat.

    As Age of Reason's creative director Ali Mapletoft has said: "We're the antidote to whimsy flora and fauna delicately printed onto silk squares. With us there's always a thorn in the roses; beautiful doesn't mean safe."

    Shop New Age of Reason

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