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    Coco de Mer
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    Coco in Cosmo

    Last month, Coco de Mer invited one of Cosmpolitan's editors to attend our most popular Salon class with resident fellatio expert Master Dominic. 'Playing the Flute: An Oral Sex Masterclass' is the store's most sought-after event and offers a light-hearted environment in which to learn about the art of giving the perfect blowjob.

    Cosmopolitan magazine is the top lifestyle publication for women, which talks openly about relationships and sex. In this article, the editor shares her personal fears, experiences and the reasons why she decided to attend, making it highly relatable. The full-page review highlights memorable moments such as practical exercises with ice lollies, and sums up the top tips shared by the oral expert.

    Master Dominic is a professional Dominant and sex expert, running a successful Dominant business in East London. He is described as "sensitive, funny and a genuine expert" by Cosmopolitan. Coco de Mer couldn't agree more!

    Read the full article 'The Low-Down on Going Down' in July's Cosmopolitan magazine.

    For more information regarding Salons, please see here

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