• Bedroom Tricks... Halloween Short Erotic Prose Winner Announced

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 31 October 2011

    Trick or Treat?

    We all know that even a man's nipples will stand out stiff and firm if chilled or aroused... and a bottle of bubbly in the bedroom, well, no argument there. So here's the thing...

    Put a bottle of bubbly in a bucket of ice and water (this is important) next to the bed. Prepare the room with Jack O'Lanterns made from Pumpkins, ugly shaped Squashes or even large Swedes, so that the tea lights inside them give out a warm orange glow. Or, for a quick effect, a red scarf over a low energy lamp or even a few red fairy lights wouldn't go amiss. As well as your favourite sex toys, make sure you have a few long feathers to hand and some chocolate treats or sweeties...

    Finish the ambiance. I find something spicy like cinnamon incense fit the bill, but patchouli is good too. And then the music. Something haunting, of course for Halloween, but I like high energy, like Beethoven's Ninth, which is both romantic and full-on, or how about Wagner's Ride of The Valkyries or any of John Williams' Star Wars music?

    It's good if the whole house or apartment has a similar air. All set? Good, now head for the kitchen and prepare an alcoholic coffee or other 'hot toddy' like punch or gluhwein and while its heating up, get into your costumes. Gothic, S&M, vampires, ghostly or ghoulish, you decide!

    So, now the two of you are ready to raise a scream or even more in bed, taking your hot drinks with you.

    Sex is all about sensations, so now the fun begins. Alternate between a mouth heated by your hot toddy and then chilled fizz. Or keep your mouth hot & steamy and apply the cold slippery ice cubes with your fingers. Note: if ice comes straight out of the fridge, it can stick to delicate skin, so only use cubes from the water in the ice bucket.

    The feathers can be spiders crawling up legs, over buttocks, across breasts and around necks. You could even swat the spiders in a spanking move, to add to your partners pain & pleasure sensation!

    Use your mouths (or the ice) to kiss each other, suck or rub nipples, slide over the clitoris or tip of the penis (only the very tip). Alternating hot and cold. The hot mouth will soon have 'em boiling and the cold will send delightful shivers to places you never knew you could shiver! You can also let chocolate melt in your mouth, passing it mouth to mouth, and then apply that your partners erogenous zones, as another alternative sensation, suggesting warm blood is oozing over them.

    If you have more than one vibrator (of course you do), you can penetrate with a cold one (kept under an ice pack) and then a hot one (kept under a hot water bottle or heat pad).

    When the fun is over, sit back and enjoy the last of the bubbly with some sweeties or warm up under the duvet with another hot toddy. The trick is to alternate, just as you would if you dashed into the snow after a hot sauna, but that's a story for another night.