• Valentine's Competition Winners

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 14 February 2011

    Coco de Mer Valentines

    Dear delicious Coco de Mer community you are so sexy - so loving - so filthy - so kind.

    The Valentine's competition was such a surprise. I say this in full sincerity your declarations of love have entertained me all week. Some of them actually made me cry, laugh out loud, and wish I was in bed with you.

    I know that we had mentioned that there were going to be three winners, but what are rules if you can't be bent about them.

    So... because you are so brilliant and so many people sent in declarations of love we have found 9 winners, the categories are below...

    1st Place for Cute


    1st Place for Beatnik Sex Poetry

    "My cock you rock my love my life my lust engraved in my loins"

    1st Place for Knowing What You've Got

    "I love my lover because:  'they will never leave me. Even if I did untie the rope..."

    1st Place for Sexy

    "I love that my elegant lover can send a shiver down my spine with one lingering stare when we are together with friends.

    I love that when he sits next to me in business meetings, he'll surreptitiously run his fingertips up my thigh whilst addressing the room, pretending not to notice me biting my lip to suppress a sigh.

    I love that he bites me hard enough to leave bruises, so I always have a memory of him drenched over my skin.

    I love that he blushes at my adoring whispers of love, but oozes relaxed elegance and dashing confidence when shopping in Coco de Mer. Xoxo"

    1st Place for Most Loving

    "I love my husband for all that he is and all that he has brought into my life and for the awesome decent honourable man that he is. How much do I love him? Beyond his ability to comprehend. He has always shown me love and treated me with great care and respect. There is only one of him and there will never be another.

    Having finished his Sunday papers, my husband turned to me and said "I fell in love with your soul before I touched your body. I love my husband the romantic. I wish I could bottle him up so that everyone in need of true honest love could know it too."

    Everlasting Love (two winners)

    Winner 1 -

    "There's no young lover outplaying my husband. After 35 years of love, he is still the only one who knows how to go down on me stirring body and soul at once."

    Winner 2 -

    "My darling wife Frances, This year we`ve been married 40yrs and I love you as much today as when we first met all those years ago, and I still wouldn`t change anything about our lives. Thank you for everything, I will love you till the day I die and beyond life itself."

    1st Place for Raunchy

    "..hours after parting he called me to say he still had the taste of me in his mouth and could feel my breath in his ear"

    1st Place for Liberated

    "She encourages me to explore myself and explore new areas. She makes me smile, makes me cry and she invades my dreams. Most of all, she gives me the freedom to be myself and enjoy my independence, but leaves me wanting to spend more and more time with her."