• God Is An Orgasm

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 30 March 2009

    I believe that God is the ultimate orgasm, that God is the same as an orgasm.

    I do not want to talk about sexual techniques or the psychological map of our sexuality. I want to talk about how the energy of God is hidden in the way we fuck. It can be locked away and often missed.

    It is something that currently is not widely recognised, though this idea is not as outlandish as it sounds at first; it is mapped throughout our sexual history, within pre-patriarchal societies, tribal communities and Asian philosophies.

    I have a layman's theory about why God has been banished from sex. I am going to conveniently ignore the specifics around the history of religion, particularly where it branched off from the simple reality that all of our bodies are innocent, and where religion drove a wedge between heaven and hell and injected guilt into one of the most natural acts we perform. I believe the reason for this was that religious groups were the original political parties and in order to retain control they needed financial wealth. They had to capture the imagination of the public, they had to increase and maintain their public prescription...

    Their weapon was fear and at the same time, they promised to be the antidote to that fear, delivering us to the door of salvation and being the key to paradise; if you chose not to believe then you were surely destined for hell.

    In order for religion to hold control it had to control our pleasure, pleasure that gifts us happiness, the most severing one of all being sex. Sex had to be the ultimate route to hell; it became the original sin in order to separate sex from spirituality.

    Religion argues that sex is purely functional, a functional act simply for procreation. Due to that deception religion therefore had to sell homosexuality as an unnatural perversity, it could not legitimise homosexual sex because homosexual sex is simply there for pleasure, there is no possibility of conception within it. Homosexual sex proves that humans hold a sense of spiritual connection through their sexuality towards each other. Homosexuality has been called unnatural, which is a fundamental lie as it exists with every animal community.

    The issue is why does religion want to monopolise the way we as individuals relate to sex?

    Well the truth is sex has the greatest capacity to be the most satisfying pleasure of them all. Sex can be an incredible connection and amazing meditation, it is where we as humans can join together to become one, where we turn into a throbbing pulsating energy.

    Fulfilling and satisfying consensual sex gifts us more personal happiness than any other pleasure. This is why it is the greatest threat to religion; because the more happiness we find in the connection to another, or others, the less likely we would to be controlled as a society, and the more satisfied, more peaceful and happier the community would be as a whole, but as a self thinking community.

    Sexual energy drives everything. It is the creative force in every one of us. Whether constructive or destructive, sex is how we touch each other, it is a workout for the soul.

    That there is a mystery to life is unarguable. We have no real understanding as to why we are here and what our purpose is, but I do believe we can make some simple parallels. We are in may ways made up of matter and energy, matter is quantifiable but the energy that drives all living things is unquantifiable, some call it the soul, some call it spirit, some simply call it life force, it is immeasurable.

    The Eastern art and spiritual practice of Tantra studies the breath that gives us life, and the energy that drives all living things. The source of that energy is sexual energy; it is what we are born from, it is our entry to life, and when we die, it dissipates.

    The followers of Tantra understand that sexual energy is the fire in our belly, it is what harnesses and propels our spiritual energy, once understood it gives us more life force, more power, and more happiness. We have been taught within Western culture to dismiss what we cannot justify, what we cannot measure, and what we cannot prove. But, if sexual energy is where life or spirit is born from, and God is perceived as the highest form of spirit, and if God gave birth to all life, then that leads me to a very simple conclusion that God is hidden in the very fabric of our sexual interaction. God is the floating-feeling energy that propels pleasure into how we fuck.

    On this premise, sex in its most natural balanced state can only be good. God is within us, not beyond us. Through our sex and through pleasure we connect to the spiritual state of God, the mystery of life and our continuum, through our sex we connect to each other.

    The garden of Eden (PARADISE) is locked, woven into our loins only waiting for us to discover our own happiness that is hidden in the very fabric of our bodies.

    So lets begin on the journey of finding paradise, a paradise that is patiently waiting for us to arrive.

    As we know there are many forms of sex, after all sex is function but we all know it goes far beyond that, that it is an emotional expression even in its most dysfunctional form. Sexual energy is creative energy. It is also the expression of how we love, love is not simple, and love has many twists and turns.

    How we love also includes how we love ourselves. Sex is an expression of self-love.

    One element of our sexual expression is theatre, we are the architect our own desires, in fact many people consider it art, sex is wrapped up in perception and all the senses. The types of sex we can perform is endless. All are exceptionally valid, deliciously simple and fucking complex.

    The reality is that sex serves many purposes in our life, it is a fantastic painkiller, the natural endorphins pumping through us can relieve insomnia or arthritic suffering. Sex is an antidepressant, sex makes you stand up taller, and makes you more attractive.

    Our culture leaves us out in the cold when it comes to sex; essentially, we have to teach ourselves to do it. We are told of its potential secondary to the dangers it presents. We grow up with understanding that as adults it is the ultimate drive, the ultimate desire. We are taught to be cautious and ashamed of bodies, we are not encouraged to explore our bodies with unbounded curiosity.

    We are taught to be embarrassed and we are often silenced by social taboo about the pleasure we experience through self-exploration, due to this many people are put off or blocked from discovering the true potential pleasure they can find in the map of their flesh.

    Sex is confined to the obvious parts, it is seen mostly as an act rather than an expression. I am constantly shocked through my work when I see how little we all know how restricted we are.

    Our bodies are innocent, each particle on our skin is ours, is us there waiting to be discovered. Unless we approach our bodies with a childlike sense of curiosity and explore our pleasure as if it is waiting to be found, we risk limiting our pleasure and limiting our happiness.

    The reality is that no orifice should be demonised, each part of us including our minds can be released by our return to innocence and we can be freed by taking on the idea that the Garden of Eden is there right there between our legs.