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    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 01 June 2008 0 comments  |  Add a comment

    Let's face it. I do have a very interesting job. I have a peephole into our cross-cultural sexual desires. All my life people have confessed to me, told me their deepest secrets, their most vulnerable thoughts and hidden desires. Often I haven't said much as it's my direct questions that crack people open. Once they get going they can't seem to stop.

    Once I had an elegant lady in her late 60s, obviously well bred. She whispered to me, Darling. My husband wants me to pee on him, he has ever since we first met, 20 years ago. I so want to give him his desire, but there is a simple problem. I was taught as a child to hide such things, I go to the toilet with the door closed for Christ's sake!

    It is amazing being in such a position with a complete stranger, having a singular but incredible insight into just who they are. I remember thinking how beautiful and gentle she was, a true lady. I comforted and congratulated her on being able to gift her husband a desire, that in truth she did not have. It was an act of such love and generosity. All I can say is, good for her!

    It is surprising and often shocking what people say, but the truth is all my confessors have been my greatest teachers; they are a mirror to my own fears and desires. A reflection into my own humanity, they have been a window into a fragmented truth.

    While I am deeply loyal and never divulge information, I do feel the need to pass on some of the stories that my customers have whispered into my ears. Some are funny, some are sad, some have given me my best personal sex tips. Through and through, my customers have been my greatest inspiration.

    I have now grown a talent in being able to guess someone's sexual tastes. I can tell their sexual blocks and sense their emotional responses to intimacy. This is all down to spending an incredible amount of time on my shop floor, observing the way my customers react to the various products on display.

    Once I had a very well educated man, who seemed very shy and tentative in expressing his desires. I took him around the shop, guiding him through all of the products. I was watching him intently, seeing what he recoiled from or moved closer to. I picked up clues as to what he wanted to ask. I noticed something very subtle, whenever I talked about the forbidden pleasure (anal sex) he almost shuddered in horror. I had hit the blinking jackpot! Often people reject what they are most attracted to, the things they are the most vulnerable about. He bought all the products for the forbidden pleasure, after a little nudge in the right direction. Now, I cant make new ones quick enough for him!

    My whole attitude has changed towards sex and sexual values since opening the doors of my boutique (a bit more about that later), it has been a very personal journey and I cant tell you how much I have grown. I am just so happy to be able to share it with you here.

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