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    Calling all adventurers: let us beckon you into the alluring world of Coco de Mer. We are London's leading luxury erotic emporium, and have been the smirking face of artisanal sensual pleasure since 2001. Seeking to relish sexual liberation with a decidedly British eccentricity, Coco is unashamedly unashamed about sex. There - we admit it. So spank us...

    The swiftly beating heart of Coco pulses with desire for erotic exploration and experimentation, the essence of which we distill each season into collections of irresistible, eclectic aesthetica. Adorn your body with our diverse range of boudoir-ready regalia and quench your curiosity.

    So where does our name come from? Well, when explorers long ago moored on the distant shores of the Seychelles, they found palm seeds scattered across the pristine white beaches that bore an uncanny resemblance to the front and bottom area of the female pelvis, reminding them of what they were missing back home... Emphasising and embracing the fact that enjoying the erotic is part of our nature - that's what Coco is all about.

    Chrys Columbine

    Coco de Mer
    by Coco de Mer on 13 August 2014 2 comments  |  Add a comment

    Burlesque starlet Chrys Columbine will be performing at Coco de Mer during the much anticipated Seven Dials Spotlight event in August. We're excited to announce she will be previewing a brand new, smouldering act that will be staged in full later this the year. We caught up with the porcelain beauty to discuss burlesque, culture and Hollywood glamour.


    Chrys, tell us, how long have you been performing and what did you do before you became a burlesque artist?

    I have been performing for 7 years and before burlesque I worked in PR for a film company in Soho and I was also previously a musician and a fashion and fetish model.

    What drew you to the stage?

    I've been in awe of old-school Hollywood glamour since I was a child. I, like a lot of little girls I'm sure, wanted to be like the women on the silver screen when I grew up: Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardener, Audrey Hepburn were all inspirational. I was also entranced by the women on stages of the Ziegfeld Follies. I kind of fell into burlesque by accident. I've been in showbiz on-and-off, all my life ( I went to a very prestigious stage school and had few bit parts in theatre and TV as a child) so I was no stranger to being on stage. However, it was my brief work as fashion model and my obsession for corsetry, lingerie and latex that eventually lead me to burlesque. I saw my first ever burlesque show by one of the original pioneers of British burlesque, Gwendoline L'Amour and instantly fell in love. I knew this was what I wanted to do. It wasn't until years after that I performed my first ever burlesque show and since then I've never looked back!


    As well as an expert in the art of the tease, you're an accomplished pianist. Where did you study?

    I trained with a famous Japanese concert pianist and briefly at Junior Guildhall. I then went on to complete a BA Honours Degree in music form the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

    This Seven Dials event will be all about culture. How would you spend a cultural day out in London?

    I would start at the National Portrait Gallery, then take lunch or tea in Fortnum and Mason’s, followed by a walk to see some of the best street-entertainment in none other than Covent Garden... and then end up at a splendid classical concert in Royal Festival Hall on The South Bank.

    Which pieces from Coco de Mer would you choose to represent yourself in a still life composition?

    It would have to be the Belle Et Bonbon Bisoux knicker! It represents everything I love and try put into my shows - incredible beauty, class, ornate detail and a little depravity.

    Continuing with the cultural theme, in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Orsino says 'If music be the food of love, play on.' What kind of music makes you feel sensual and romantic?

    It depends on the type of sensuality - if I'm looking for the romance and passion that takes me to another world, then I look no further than my all-time favourite classical composer Beethoven - no music in my opinion has equal measures of beauty, passion, tension and epic quality (think, his Ninth Symphony - Ode To Joy). But if I'm looking for sensations on a raw, wild side I look to some of my favourite rock bands - anything from AC/DC to Nine Inch Nails to Cypress Hill (yes, I do love a bit of hip-hop too).

    You'll be showing crowds a glimpse of your new 'Black Swan' act. Which words would you use to describe it?

    Ethereal, mysterious, dark and a little depraved.

    Where can we see you perform?

    All the top cabaret haunts such as Proud Cabaret, Cafe De Paris, Cafe Royal, Cellar Door and occasionally in the unique Beaufort Bar of The Savoy. You can also find me doing unusual events at some of my favourite Mayfiar haunts such as No. 5 Cavendish Square and Playboy Club. Aside from that, I perform abroad a lot, this month for example will be performing in the South Of France, Cyprus and Lebanon.

    The wonderful Chrys Columbine will be performing at Coco de Mer on the Saturday 16th of August at 3pm during the Seven Dials Spotlight event, a day not to be missed! You can find out more about Chrys on her website.

    Coco de Mer has always been revered and admired not just as a place of retail but one of education. For years lovers, dreamers and adventurers have sought enlightenment at our Monmouth Street store attending our unique and many varied salons all in pursuit of knowledge and pleasure. All our Salons are taught by internationally respected professionals and fuelled by champagne and canapes making for an unforgettable experience. The organiser of these extraordinary evening classes is Salon Co-ordinator Lauren Newman. We popped into the Monmouth Street store to catch up with Lauren and find out more about what goes into making the perfect Salon.


    Lauren, do you still remember your first Salon at Coco de Mer?

    Yes, It was my first week working at Coco de Mer and I saw Midori's Japanese rope bondage. I remember feeling nervous as I had no idea what to expect but I had nothing to be nervous about. The Salon was brilliant and the performance she did with the rope was so beautiful, it left me speechless.

    Tell us a little bit about your role. What's involved in being in charge of Coco de Mer's curriculum?

    Each day is different. From meeting hosts and ensuring they are the best person for the job to making sure we have a full range of topics. I also meet with guests to tailor make Salons and with corporate connections to spread the word about our Salons.

    Which is your favourite Salon and why?

    I've seen each Salon a multiple of times and each time I learn or discover something new, so each are my favourite in their own right. The same Salon can change slightly depending on what the guests need or ask, all questions are worth asking however unusual as it always answers something someone else was thinking, it's brilliant. I must say attending has ensured there is a smile on my partner's face to say the least.

    What do you love about your role as Salon Co-ordinator?

    I love the challenge of bringing talented individuals who are pioneers in their chosen profession. I always enjoy meeting the guests that come to our Salons and love hearing what they have learnt and seeing them go off so excited and empowered. Taking the Salons on the road to different venues or creating a tailor made Salon for someone's birthday or hen is another great part of the job.

    You also sometimes have quite a hands on role during the Salons. What does that involve?

    Most of our Salons are quite interactive and I am occasionally called upon for demonstrations such as being a model for a rope harness, being blindfolded or holding up our dear friend Ernest. (Anyone who attends Playing the Flute will be introduced to Ernest, he is a great helper at that Salon.)

    We're oh so curious as to know what happens at a private Salon.

    Pretty much anything you want! Our term time Salons have a set layout but our private Salons are bespoke and can be tailored to the needs of the guests. Salon topics and themes can be mixed together, food and drink is provided to your specifications, you can even request a burlesque performances or maybe you want to fly us over to Barbados...We can make it happen!

    What do you recommend as absolute lingerie must haves?

    The new Titania full cup bra and tie side knickers from Coco de Mer. All wrapped up, a Coco de Mer classic, Holloway Smith Noir nipple tassels and the in store exclusive vintage kimonos, each one is totally unique.

    What Coco de Mer pieces are you currently lusting over?

    The new pink Olivia von Halle Alba Anastasia pyjamas and the William Wilde red latex set.

    What are your vices?

    Whiskey, Victoria Grant hats and killer heels.

    And finally, what does sexuality mean to you?

    It's what someone desires and is turned on by. It's what makes an individual feel great about themselves.

    Click here to see what Salons are available this term and for private Salons you can enquire in store or contact us here. Come and let us teach you a lesson.

    Miss Polly Rae, Coco de Mer's resident burlesque beauty, is soon to debut her much anticipated show 'Between The Sheets' at London Wonderland. As the name suggests it promises to be her most intimate show yet as Polly entices voyeurs into her luxurious and naughty little world.

    The show encapsulates traditional burlesque and cabaret, but also explores the darker, more erotic and sensual side of striptease. We caught up with the glamorous Miss Rae herself over cocktails where she revealed her excitement for the show. “I am thrilled to be introducing a new cabaret that celebrates all things ‘in the bedroom.' We are pulling out all the stops to make this the sexiest, naughtiest, most glamorous and hilarious show ever, be prepared to get very hot under the collar! The South Bank is about to get very saucy.”


    'Between The Sheets' features an all-star line up including London Cabaret Award 'Best Burlesque' Winner Kitty Bang Bang, 'La Soiree' sensation Stephen Williams, Madame De Voila and Phil Ingud. Along with a soundtrack of mesmerising mash-ups and titillating twists of the 'sexual' songbook, this show is sure to ignite your imagination and set your summer nights ablaze.

    Tickets for the show can be booked here or Coco de Mer is treating one lucky winner to two tickets and a bottle of bubbly for the 9th of August show. Simply email us at competitions@coco-de-mer.com and we will pick a winner at random or enter via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Competition ends at noon on Saturday 26th July 2014.

    To learn the art of tease from Miss Polly Rae herself sign up to receive Coco de Mer's newsletter and be the first to learn about our Autumn Winter salon calender and further details of Polly's cocktail-fuelled lesson.

    Our Monmouth Street store window has been transformed and now features three not so virginal brides donned in the finest bridal lingerie and intricate shibari as we prepare to tie the knot. See our bridal edit below featuring luxury lingerie for both the big day and night as well as beautiful gifts and honeymoon essentials. For more ideas visit ourstore or shop online for never ending marital bliss and adventure.

    Bridal lingerie from top left: Coco de Mer Titania Lingerie Set, Bordelle Ivory Angelina Dress in store exclusive, Shell Belle Silk Baby Doll, Coco der Mer Black All Wrapped Up Set, Belle Et BonBon Bisoux Lingerie Set, Shell Belle Black Vintage Lace Slip and Knicker Set, Coco de Mer Titania Silk Kimono, ID Sarrieri Margaux Set, Lascivious Ivory Kitty Ouvert Set, Coco de Mer Jacqueline Set, Fleur of England Blush Babydoll, Aloe White Silk Kimono,

    Gifts and honeymoon essentials from top left: Coco de Mer Chiffon Lace Blindfold, Coco de Mer Leather Ankle Cuffs, steph Aman Floral Lace Mask, Wanna Spoon, Wanna Fork, Darkest Star Silk Bondage Scarf, Age of Reason Orgy Print Cushion, Lelo Oden 2 Remote Control Cock Ring, Andre Sarda Lingerie Set, Julian Snelling Stainless Steel Butt Plug, Sylvie Monthule Gold Crest Nipple Clamps, Luz de la Riva Crystal Bondage Cuffs, Coco de Mer Ticker.




    Uta Demontis is a professional Sex & Relationship Coach, Clinical Sexologist, Bodyworker, Teacher of the Tao of Love and regular host at Coco de Mer. Ahead of her up coming salon we caught up with her to learn more about her fascinating life and work.


    What does your job entail and what makes your approach different?

    I work with men, women and couples who have sexual concerns or relationship difficulties and who desire to experience more joy, pleasure and intimacy in their lives. In my approach, I blend the wisdom of ancient sexual teachings of the East with modern sexology education and sex coaching. I offer a holistic approach to resolving sexual concerns and draw upon many techniques of various disciplines with a focus on clinical sexology. Sex coaching can involve personalised sexuality education, carrying out home assignments, practical and psychological exercises, guided meditations and visualisations, Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques, reading, learning from videos, journalists and more.

    What made you want to pursue this as a career?

    Like so many health practitioners and therapists, I got to where I am because of my own healing journey that I went through.

    Many women lose confidence over not being able to reach climax regularly enough or not reaching it at all. What affects our bodies most when we're seeking pleasure?

    A relaxed, non-goal oriented exploration of pleasurable sensations and being in our body are key to expanding our pleasure potential. Stress & worry, performance anxiety and not being in our body is what takes us out of the experience and so away from pleasure. If we are looking only towards the goal of orgasm, we miss the enjoyment of the journey in getting there. What this does is that it creates pressure, tension and keeps us in our mind (mostly worrying about when or if we will get there at all). It disconnects us from what we are actually feeling, from our body and from our partner. Learning how to relax - both body and mind - outside of the bedroom is really helpful. The more you are practised at relaxing, the easier it will be for you to fall into a relaxed and open state where you can allow yourself to feel pleasure and arousal.

    Before approaching any physical stimulation how do you recommend preparing?

    There are many things we can do to get into a sensual and sexual mood. When you come home after a day's work, find a way that helps you leave work and office behind. Maybe you want to do some kind of physical exercise such as yoga, dancing or another workout that will help you to shake off the day and to come into your body. Moving the body is important as it assists us in getting out of our head and becoming present in our body. Creating a sensually stimulating and enriching space is another thing one can do. We want to create an atmosphere that awakens all the senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. For example, sounds, lyrics and music all have an effect on our mood. So choose music that evokes moods of lovemaking. Maybe enjoy a bath to help you to relax, followed by massaging your body with a scented body oil and wearing lingerie in which you feel sexy and sensual.

    Which toys do you recommend for those wanting to build up their pelvic floor muscles and become aware of their bodies' responses?

    My top three suggestions are:

    1. The Stone Love Eggs: This is my favourite set. It is beautiful and it consists of three different stones (Jade, Rose Quartz and Obsidian) of various sizes. Stone is a natural material and each love egg has a different quality to it.

    2. Je Joue 3 Step Kegel System: This set by Je Joue consists of 3 differently shaped and weighted exercisers. The material feels very smooth to touch and the smaller Kegel balls inside the toy create pleasurable sensations when wearing it.

    3. Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System: This pelvic floor training tool also offers different weights so as you progress with the training, you can change the weights and therefore alter intensity.

    What was your first toy?

    A jade egg – though it's more than a toy.

    What's the best customer response you've received?

    'If I could wave a magic wand I would wish that every woman in the world would use and benefit from owning a Jade Egg. It has been so beneficial both physically and mentally transforming me on profound level. The additional work that can be done will awake your inner consciousness and expand experiences. Try it and you'll have a friend for life!' - Jaya in London

    In three words, what will someone gain from your teaching?

    Awareness, pleasure, self-knowledge.

    You regularly teach at Coco de Mer, what do you like about teaching in that space?

    Coco de Mer is a high class erotic boutique – an oasis of sensuality and sex-positivity – which houses high quality and luxurious toys, designer lingerie and fashion bondage wear. The staff are all helpful and knowledgable. There is a lovely, friendly energy about the team which creates a very inviting and positive atmosphere in the store.

    Uta will be holding her next Salon on the 27th of June and tickets can be booked in store or online. To find out more about Uta's work click here.


    Victoria Grant is the quintessential British queen of millinery, known for the drama in her designs and her provocative ideas. Grant dresses the heads of the glitterati and fashion heavyweights, and Coco de Mer has been a home to her creations for years. We caught up with her (in between constant Ascot fittings) to talk 'The Races'.

    Today is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. What trends are you expecting to see this year?

    I'd like to see fabulous tailoring, balanced with graphic hats. Strong artistic shapes are always stunning - leave the frills & feathers to Grandma please!

    What are your own Ascot essentials?

    My Jean-Paul Gaultier structured hour-glass dress matched with one of my Antony Micallef print top hats. Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, and finally an exquisitely engraved hip flask!

    Your creations have been housed at Coco de Mer for some years now. Do you have any favourite Coco de Mer memories?

    Coco De Mer is my favourite creative playground. I have many a magical memory (and well.... some of them are too naughty to repeat) Getting tangled up with a very sexy client during a Japanese Rope Bondage class was an excellent ice-breaker. We remain very special friends...

    Which Coco de Mer products would you use to create an outrageous erotic inspired hat?

    I would love to create a bespoke erotic mask inspired by and incorporating the Lelo Earl Gold Plated Gentlemen's Butt Plug and the Paul Seville Horse Hair Whip.

    Your hats are playful, provocative and dangerously glamorous. What would you style your hats with for an evening of seduction?

    Definitely these Belle et Bonbon Bisoux knickers, they're exquisite! Or I would love to be all wrapped up in this divine Coco De Mer Aurora Silk Lace Kimono with a black, Sylph Half Cup Bra underneath.

    And finally, do you leave you hat on?

    ...I'm surprised you even have to ask. Absolutely! I wouldn't answer the door to the postman without one!

    Shop Coco de Mer's collection of Victoria Grant hat's here.

    Brand spanking new from renowned German designer Fraulein Kink : tuxedo inspired pieces that are oozing with glamour and signature, feline sex appeal. Pair the Noir Tuxedo Harness with a crisp white shirt for a smoldering, androgynous look or simply style with lingerie and a pair of heels to make a statement in the bedroom. Or, why not don the Crystal Kitten Gag for a decadent take on bondage with hand sewn pearls, velvet straps and optional mouth strap for those who have misbehaved. All of Fraulein Kink's pieces are the ultimate accessories for lovers of fashion bondage and instantly add a hard yet playful edge to your look. Shop our Fraulein Kink collection here.


    Introducing Robyn Exton, entrepreneur and founder of Dattch, the hugely successful dating app for women who want to meet other women. Ahead of an exclusive event for Dattch members hosted by Coco de Mer, Robyn tells us how she challenged the current online dating scene and what she learnt along the way.


    Tell us about Dattch and how it started? What inspired you to create the company?

    It all started on a Sunday afternoon in the pub with some friends. One of my good girlfriends had just been dumped and we were signing her to what used to be the most popular lesbian dating site in the UK. It was clear that the site was just a re-skin of a gay male site, with no thought being put into how women would want to use it differently. I just felt that it had to be possible to create something better, something actually built and designed just for women. So I quit my job and started looking into making the first app truly and exclusively designed for lesbian and bisexual women.

    Where did the name come from?

    It came from the two words Date & Catch. Over time though the app has become so much more than dating that we don't call it a dating app as it would be unfair to the users that join to make friends. So Dattch has come to mean something new - a way for lesbian and bi women to chat and meet with each other.

    What has Dattch taught you about women's sexual behavior?

    We don't get to see much of their behaviour in the app unfortunately as we're not an app for hookups, that all happens after the date, but what we have learnt a lot about is the sexuality of women in the UK and USA. There's an ever growing generation of women that are comfortable having a non-binary sexuality and see themselves sitting on a scale somewhere. They don't always feel the need to define what their sexuality is but have been looking for a space to meet like minded women. There's such a range of women on the platform, from those looking for a one off experience alongside women that have been gay for over 40 years to those that are still figuring it all out. The point is, it's an environment where who you are and what you identify as doesn't really matter, it's just a space for being yourself, being a woman.

    Dattch has won awards for it's design. What makes it award winning and stand out from the crowd and how does this aid people making connections?

    We've really focused on what women are looking for specifically. Every other site and app out there has always looked to work seamlessly for men, and women come as a later thought (most of these businesses make their money from men which is why they look at their behaviour) but Dattch is all about women. What women look for to select a profile, what makes them send a message, how we can make the message creation as easy as possible. When everything is built to work as easily as possible, specifically for women, the barriers to sending that first message and getting a reply become lower and lower. And it definitely helps that the interface design feels particularly beautiful.


    What was life like before Dattch and what are the biggest changes both professionally and personally?

    It was life - but not as I know it now!! I actually had a social life, time to do sport and go on holiday. Now things are pretty much all about the app with the odd day to finally see friends and family again. Professionally, I've gone from a role where I knew a lot of what I was doing everyday to having no idea what's about to come up. Learning to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable has been one of the greatest challenges. You're always looking at the unexpected and being put into high pressure situations so learning to be ok with that has been essential.

    You vet members to keep your female-only promise. Have there been any highlights throughout the process? What are the benefits of meeting prospective members?

    It's been one of the most time consuming parts of creating the app but it's something we take really seriously. Having phone calls with the ridiculous guys that are trying to sign up to find a girl for a threesome has been hilarious. There are sites exclusively for threesomes - go there!

    We're about to collaborate to host a night for your members at Coco de Mer. Why did you cite Coco de Mer as a brand that would inspire young women?

    From the moment I walked in the door at Coco De Mer I knew we had to do something there. I've been a huge fan for a long time but the experience of a Coco De Mer night is unlike any other. It feels like a space designed for women, feminine but strong, how we want Dattch to feel. It's like you're stepping into a fantasy land, where everything has been laid out for your exclusive viewing and pleasure. And that's something I would want every Dattch member to experience. Like us, it's a brand, experience and product range created by women, for women.

    Dattch is pro sex toy. What makes this an important aspect of the Dattch lifestyle?

    We exist to make women feel proud of themselves, in whatever form that may need to be, emotionally, politically, sexually. Sexuality is a huge part of a woman's identity and feeling like you have the confidence and resources to feel truly proud of that is incredibly important. There are so many options and opportunities that toys give women that it would be rude not to support their use.

    We'll be talking toys on the evening. What's on your wishlist?

    There's too many to choose from! But if we must I'm currently lusting after the Lelo Ida, the Tantus Feeldoe Classic Vibrating Double Dildo and the Coco de Mer Ceramic Hot and Cold Dildo. Also on my list, although its not a toy, is a pair of the Jaqueline Silk Lace Wrist Restraints.

    Dattch allows for safe, open conversation similarly to Coco de Mer. What do think the difficulties are for young women who want to explore their sexuality? Do you think you've broken any barriers?

    Just knowing where to go to look for this can be the biggest barrier and that's the main one we've taken on. By making it an exclusively female zone (we use Facebook to check this in a 100% private way, no one will ever know you've signed up) and a friendly community, there are thousands of women ready to talk with you and meet up for what will hopefully be an incredible coffee, cocktail or meeting of choice.

    What is the most rewarding part of your job?

    Without a doubt meeting the users. We hold a Stitch 'n Bitch in our office every few months where users come in with a bottle of wine and a handful of wool. We drink, we gossip and get to understand what our community is looking for in their lives.

    Is there anything that the Dattch team are curious about and would like to explore?

    We've all been a bit tame on the bondage side of things so learning about how you can use restraints, whips and paddles would be interesting. I love Paul Seville's Neck to Wrist Restraint and the Sensua Whip by Lelo.

    For a night of erotic education, which of our Salons would you recommend to Dattch members?

    It's got to be a women only event for us, hopefully something a bit new and definitely exciting. It would have to be Divine Pleasure Balls: A Salon with Uta Demontis.

    What's next for Dattch?

    Next up is New York! We're launching there on June 20th along with our Android version of the app. It's been a little while in the making but I can't wait to get it out there.

    To find out more or become a member of Dattch please download it on the app store by searching 'Dattch' or visit dattch.com.


    This month, Coco de Mer profiles the work of illustrator Victoria Sin. We sat down with her to talk erotica, art supplies and German porn stars.


    Hi Victoria. We want to start by saying how excited we are to be collaborating this month. Will you reveal what you have been up to for Coco de Mer?

    I'm really excited to be able to showcase my work with one of my favourite brands. I've designed a tongue in cheek illustration for the Coco de Mer window featuring one of my own favourite sexually empowered characters from my illustrated Pussy Book, and I'll have four limited edition prints from the same series available exclusively in store.

    Victoria Sin is a highly apt name given your work. Is it your real name?

    Yes it is my real name! Though I realised a while ago I share it with a German porn star which is ironic. Sin is actually a phonetic translation of my Cantonese family name, but yes, very apt.

    Why do you think Coco de Mer is a good platform for your work?

    For me Coco de Mer is one of the only luxury brands out there encouraging women to be totally empowered about their sexuality. I think it's something that women should be proud of and show off, that whole ideology is at the core of my work too.

    What do you love about Coco de Mer?

    Besides the above, Coco de Mer stocks my favourite latex and leatherwear, and I'm always discovering new brands perusing the website.

    What's your creative background?

    My mum is a kick ass illustrator, but quite in contrast from me she's most known for her work illustrating children's books. My dad is an Architect. I didn't study illustration but you could say my background was quite creative - I moved to London from Toronto straight after high school and decided to work my way up.

    What inspires you?

    A lot of things inspire me, from pop culture to porn, to drag queens and religious iconography.


    Your Pussy illustrations feature some of Coco's classic designs such as the Persephone collection. If you were to do a self portrait what piece would you draw yourself in?

    I would definitely do a whole Fleet Ilya look - the Web Body Harness and the Strap On Leather Harness. There's nothing quite like wearing leather.

    How do you go about tackling controversy and erotica?

    I've had people tell me my work is obscene, but the language used to criticise it is usually routed in a sexist and puritanical rhetoric. I'm not being controversial just for controversy's sake, I think being sexy is fun and everyone should do it and be a bit more open minded at the same time.

    What other artists influence you?

    I'm a big Tom of Finland fan, he was the father of a whole homoerotic aesthetic! Right now I also love the work of Cary Kwok and it's no surprise that they were both recently in an exhibition together at the ICA. Jeff Koons' Made in Heaven series with Chicholina is one of my favourite visual inspirations. And Cassils, a male trans artist pushing the boundaries of gendered aesthetics.

    Why is ink your chosen medium?

    I've always loved the look of cross hatching, even before I started doing it - the way you can show depth and texture only with black lines. There's something straight forward and honest about it.

    You print on silk. What made you go from paper to silk and how is it different to work with?

    I love printing onto silk. Not only is it more luxurious but printing on silk means that someone can carry a naughty little illustration around with them on a pocket square or scarf, or on their lingerie underneath their clothes.

    What are your cultural influences?

    I live for Amanda Lepore and I've watched every film by John Waters.

    Where do you stock up on art supplies?

    I get my pigment pens from any large art store like The London Graphic Centre or Atlantis, I only use 0.25 mm pigment pens.

    Do you have a muse for your clothing pieces?

    Not one in particular, different bodies look great in different garments. Kate Moss' body is one of my favourites though. Hers was the inspiration for the Coco de Mer window display.

    What are your future aspirations?

    I feel lucky already to be able to do what I love for a living. In the future I'd like to be doing what I'm doing but just more and on a larger scale.

    To learn more about Victoria visit her website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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