1. Salons in the art of seduction

      Evenings of education for the boudoir and beyond

    1. Even sex can be sexed up

      Our Salons are the perfect erotic indulgence. Each is an evening of education, edification and eroticism designed to teach you (and your partner) new skills, tricks and techniques to heighten your pleasure in the bedroom.

      Each focuses on a different topic, some educating students in the skill of spanking and others in the fine art of fellatio or the mysterious delights of female ejaculation.

      What to expect at a Salon

      Salons take place after hours at our Covent Garden Boutique. Doors open at 6:30pm for students of the Salon. You can join us for drinks before settling in for an evening of lighthearted enlightenment starting at 7pm.

      After the Salon, browse the boutique until 9:30pm with a special bonus: for that evening, students of the Salon may take advantage of a 20% exclusive discount on all purchases.

      After all, we want to make sure you apply what you learned – and a little homework never hurt anyone, did it?

      Private Salons

      Any of our Salons can be held privately for you, your partner or your friends. Additionally, our erotic educators can create a bespoke salon to, quite literally, meet your every desire. Contact Lauren at salons@coco-de-mer.com to discuss your wishes.

      Any Questions?

      We're happy to take your call on 020 7836 8882 during office hours or you contact our customer service team online at any time, day or night.

      We look forward to welcoming you (and a friend or two) to one of our salons in the art of seduction soon.

      • Playing the Flute: An Oral Sex Masterclass Salon with Master Dominic
      • Playing the Flute

        A Salon with Master Dominic

        • 14 October
        • and 1 other date

        Ever wanted to bring your man to his knees by giving him the perfect oral attention but felt in need of some direction?

        Spend a mischievous evening learning from a man who knows all there is to know about giving and receiving the perfect fellatio. Striving to break taboos and embrace open discussion, Master Dominic's oral sex masterclass covers everything, from how to incorporate hands to the use of eye contact to heighten arousal. This Salon is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

      • Entwined The Art of Rope Bondage: A Salon with Mistress Scarlett
      • Entwined The Art of Rope Bondage

        A Salon with Mistress Scarlett

        • 15 September
        • and 1 other date

        Seek out the unfamiliar and learn how to bind your lover to your will with professional Dominatrix and rope-bondage connoisseur, Mistress Scarlett Letter.

        Offering a leisurely two-hour exploration of traditional Japanese shibari techniques, Mistress Scarlett will teach you three essential forms of rope bondage restraint, as well as additional adaptations and variations. Whether you seek to confine, or sensually hold, mastering the Shinju, Ebi, and Gyaki Ebi will allow you to broaden your sensual repertoire.

      • Pleasing the Petals: A Salon with Miss England
      • Pleasing the Petals

        A Salon with Miss England

        • 23 September

        Unveil the mysteries of female pleasure and reciprocal satisfaction with Miss England's expert salon, and realise your true erotic potential with lessons in delivering pleasure to yourself and your partner.

        As Coco de Mer's resident DreamMaker, Miss England is uniquely qualified to instruct you on how to use sex toys and bondage equipment, and both the novice and more experienced player will leave enlightened.

      • For His Pleasure: A Salon with Master Dominic
      • For His Pleasure

        A Salon with Master Dominic

        • 27 September
        • and 2 other dates

        Delve into a world of seduction with a man who is well versed in the art. Professional Dominant and sex expert Master Dominic will teach you how to arouse and excite every erogenous zone of the male body.

        The Salon will take you on an erotic journey that begins at the eyes and travels all the way down to the toes. Over the course of two enlightening hours, you'll gain inspiration and practical tips focused on giving him pleasure and stimulating areas in new and unexpected ways.

      • Seductress In The Bedroom: A Salon with Miss Polly Rae
      • Seductress In The Bedroom

        A Salon with Miss Polly Rae

        • 6 October
        • and 1 other date

        Discover newfound sexual prowess when you explore the erotic art of striptease with Miss Polly Rae. Over the course of two unhurried hours, you will learn how to disrobe with confidence, using character to set the scene.

        Burlesque star Miss Polly Rae has been thrilling audiences with her alluring brand of striptease for over 10 years. Well versed in the art, she excels in inspiring women to release their sexual inhibitions in a practical way that you can call on, time and time again.

      • Divine Pleasure Balls: A Salon with Uta Demontis
      • Divine Pleasure Balls

        Salon with Uta Demontis

        • 21 October

        De-mystify the world of pleasure balls with kegel expert Uta Demontis and discover a path to longer, more intense orgasms and a tight and toned pelvic floor you can both enjoy. From choosing the right weight and shape to achieving incredible orgasms, Uta explains the erotic joy to be discovered in exploring your pelvic floor muscles.

        In an evening dedicated to the unique pleasures of kegel balls, Uta Demontis shares her wisdom on the plethora of joy to be discovered in using these amazing, yet discreet, pleasure objects.

      • The Artful Nude : Life Drawing with Bella Franks
      • The Artful Nude

        Life Drawing with Bella Franks

        • 10 November

        Pick up pencil and unleash your inner artist at an intimate life drawing salon focused on appreciating the beauty of the human body. In a two hour session, you will receive expert tips in the traditional art practise of drawing from a nude with professional artist Bella Franks

        Artist Bella, from Bella's Bits and Bobs life drawing salons, has been drawing her whole life and is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for the nude tradition with others. She finds endless inspiration within the shapes and curves of every pose.