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What Katie Did

What Katie Did Morticia Corset

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Wondrously soft analine leather contrasts beautifully with rigid steel bones and firm lacing in this bewitching ebony underbust corset from master corsetiers, What Katie Did.

As with the eponymous Morticia Addams, this piece is unapologetic in its voluptuousness. A combination of eighteen flat and spiral steel bones, together with the longer-line steel busk and rear lacing, creates astonishing definition and reduces your natural waistline by up to five inches. For this reason, it is most recommended for those whose hips are more than 10 inches wider than their waist.

Each What Katie Did item is as durable as it is beautiful, the Morticia being no exception. The corset is lined with high-quality cotton twill to allow it to be worn for prolonged periods, whilst the trademark gored hips work with the curve of your body to prevent any uncomfortable pressure.

A modesty panel to the rear means that this corset can be worn over clothes, or on its own. Six satin loops on the lining of the corset provide the wearer with the option of adding suspender straps if desired.

To find your correct size, take 3-4 inches from your natural waist measurement (for example, those with a 26-inch waist would need a 22-inch corset).

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