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Coco de Mer Delrin Cane


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Flex the intimidating length of this formidable cane, and watch your lover quake with desire. An ergonomically shaped handle, formed of rich, polished wood, gives superior control as you deliver stinging thwacks to your submissive’s sensitive skin.

With a full length of 22.5 inches from handle to tip, the dowel is crafted from delrin, an extremely hardy and flexible plastic that is practically unbreakable during even the hardest disciplinary sessions. Its premium design is incredibly light, allowing you to exert intense force with minimum effort.

Begin with a light rap across your partner’s palm, and gradually escalate the impact to inflame your deviant ardour.

Coco de Mer’s collection of luxurious bondage pieces offer both visual and tactile delights to inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment. Crafted from sumptuous cow hide, butter soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and beautifully polished wood, each item has been created for unbridled eroticism after dark.

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