• Discreet Packaging 

    While we are sure you're excited about your items our packaging ensures it remains a secret until it reaches your hands by using plain, durable, packing materials.

    What will it have written on it? 

    Royal Mail requires us to have a return address on your parcel. This is shown as .

    What your parcel looks like

    1. Most items are packaged in our simple, custom-made boxes, which come in a variety of sizes to accomodate even our largest pieces.

      Our sturdy and totally plain custom-made boxes
    2. Smaller pieces, such as condoms and lotions, are mailed in heavy duty plain padded envelopes.

      Our tough and totally plain padded envelopes

    Our tough boxes and envelopes are double-wrapped with heavy-duty packing tape.

    1. Boxes are double-sealed with strong packing tape
    2. Envelopes are double-sealed with strong packing tape

    The printed address label, and either a Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier sticker, will be the only markings visible on your package.

    Your Coco de Mer address label, with discreet sender's address