• Coco de Mer's Philosophy

    Coco de Mer is London’s leading luxury erotic emporium. Our pioneering concept has inspired lovers, adventurers and dreamers across the world since 2001. We educate and celebrate sexual liberation with an eccentric British heritage and are renowned for quality style, beautiful products and provocative offbeat expression.

    The name Coco de Mer originates from a rare seed, which is found only in the Seychelles, and is said to mirror the look of the female form. It has been discovered as nature’s way of laughing at our human prudishness and history tells us it’s designed solely for the purpose of making us blush.

    Coco de Mer’s inspiration comes from nature’s precious and protected celebration of the erotic. We predicate everything we do around three iconic characters Lovers, Adventurers and Dreamers - each of these are different in style, hedonism and mind, but all believe in inspiration, passion and recharge of sexual energy that translates into the infinite enjoyment of one of life's great gifts.